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Batman and Robin #4 - Matter of Trust


Batman is fighting a battle on two fronts. Not only has a deadly associate from his past surfaced and knows his secret identity, he also has to fight in trying to raise Damian and do what's best for him. Being a dad isn't easy.

Each issue of BATMAN AND ROBIN is better than the last. The excitement is building and you can't hide from the feeling that something really bad is coming.

The Good

Since the 'New 52,' we haven't seen too much of Batman's classic villains. We've been introduced to new ones. Some, like Talon and the Court of Owls are proving to be completely intriguing while others leave you wanting a little more. In BATMAN AND ROBIN, we've seen the return of someone from Batman's past. As Nobody, he is a deadly killer that believes villains should be shown extreme prejudice. To make things worse, he's trying to sway Damian into seeing things on his level.

Being partners with Batman isn't easy but Damian is finding it harder to be his son. As Damian puts it, "Even your secrets have secrets." We all know that Batman knows best and is always thinking every angle through. Damian doesn't understand this and can't accept it. This is setting the stage for some major conflict between the two. Something has to happen for the sake of both of them.

As a new villain, Nobody has the perfect combination of being a skilled and deadly fighter along with the fact he knows Batman's secrets. He's actually not the typical villain as he targets the bad guys. He simply believes a more final judgement should be passed over them when they are defeated. His origin, what we find out about it, adds an excellent touch and makes him an even cooler character.

The writing and art are top notch. This is to be expected in a Batman comic and both Tomasi and Gleason continue to deliver. Throw in some Alfred action and a new insight on the dog, this issue makes you happy to be a Batman fan.

The Bad

It was an enjoyable issue and there are no complaints besides the fact that you have a feeling something really bad is going to happen soon.

The Verdict

What could be better than a new Batman comic? A great Batman comic, that's what. Tomasi and Gleason have been getting better and better with each issue of BATMAN AND ROBIN and you can see that they are just warming up. If you've been waiting for some answers in this series, you will indeed get some. Batman and Damian are finding being the Dynamic Duo together isn't an easy venture just as being a father and son is equally difficult. The new villain, Nobody, is planting some seeds and you can feel them begin to bubble up beneath the surface. Batman is usually prepared for anything but he might not be prepared for what's to come. BATMAN AND ROBIN is a great example of what we want in a Batman comic.