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Batman and Robin #25 - The Streets Run Red, Part 3 of 3: Boys Night Out


This issue is another example of a great Jason Todd story. Perfect even if you haven't been reading on a consistent basis.

No one can write Jason Todd quite like writer Judd Winick; and that may be because no one quite gets Jason the way Winick does. Batman and Robin #25 is yet another example of Winick's grasp of Todd's character. Great story telling here, period.

The Good

Whenever I find out that Judd Winick is writing a Jason Todd/Red Hood story, I make sure I pick it up because I know it's bound to be really good. That said, I was not at all disappointed with this issue. Winick definitely gets Jason Todd, and this issue is a perfect example of that. Batman and Robin may think that they have their bases covered, but they should really never underestimate Jason.

The issue opens with Sasha, also know as Scarlet who we first see team up with Jason Todd (Red Hood) in the early issues of Batman and Robin. Both Sasha and Jason are initially held captive in the beginning of the book, but Jason makes his escape pretty early on (big surprise). The rest of the story focuses on Jason's escape from the grasp of Batman and Robin, and providing Sasha with some much needed assistance. Does he make it, is the big question?

This issue closes a three part story and does so with plenty of sass and humor. Winick also demonstrates the dynamic between Batman and Robin and draws a parallel of their relationship to Jason and Sasha. Essentially, Scarlet is the Red Hood's "Robin." Its very cleverly written.

The Bad

There were two artists on this book, and you can tell exactly where the switch happens when you read this issue. I sympathize with artists, it's tough work being on time, and my complaint has more to do with the colorist than with either of the pencilers. To me, the colors seemed a little bit muddy which made some scenes look sloppy and lacking detail.

The Verdict

This is a solid issue and most people who happen to be familiar with these characters can probably pick up this issue and read it as a stand alone without any problems. However, I highly recommend any Red Hood story written by Judd, so I highly recommend the two issues prior to this one as well. This is a very well written, entertaining book that will not disappoint Jason Todd fans.