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Batman #9 - The Night of the Owls; The Fall of the House of Wayne, Part 1 of 3


Not only has Batman been beaten and barely escaped with his life, now his home has been invaded and many Gotham citizens have been targeted. Snyder is making it clear that it's not easy being Batman.

The never-ending roller coaster ride continues with shocks, action and revelations.

The Good

Each month I praise this title and profess how this is all the Batman I need. There are other good Batman stories but the action here just doesn't let up. Last issue we left off with the Talons attacking Wayne Manor and Bruce Wayne fighting for his life. In the midst of picking up where last issue left off, Scott Snyder begins with another little history lesson such as we've seen before. It's little details and factoids like this that shows how much thought Snyder puts into the story and essence of Batman and his world.

In order to take on an army of Talons, we saw (and see on the cover) that Batman has bulked up his appearance a little. He's not one to normally rely on other means to fight his battles but it's great knowing he's clearly prepared for the eventuality. That isn't to say that Batman will clearly win the day here. By now, we should all know Snyder will not make things easy for Batman.

Capullo's art is top notch as usual. This isn't the typical Batman-type battle. He's had to pull out some big guns (not literal ones) and is fighting in a way he doesn't normally. With all the variations in scenes and environments, we're treated to a wide range of adventure for Batman and seeing Capullo draw it all out is always an added treat. We may only be nine issues in but it feels like Capullo and Snyder have been working together for quite some time.

There will be moments you cheer and others that just might shock you. This title is what Batman is all about.

And of course, just when you think it's over, you're lovingly slapped across the face with the back-up story by Snyder and James Tynion IV with art by Rafael Albuquerque. I would pay separately to get this story. What could possibly be so exciting about a back-up story? It's a flashback story from "years ago." But the shocker is it deals with Jarvis Pennyworth, Alfred's father. I won't say any more but it's a story that needs to be read. There's almost a bigger cliffhanger in the back-up story than there is in the main story.

The Bad

Nothing. I loved this issue and had a blast reading it.

The Verdict

The story continues as does the brilliance of Snyder and Capullo along with Tynion IV and Albuquerque in the back-up. Night of the Owls roars to life and we're seeing Batman fighting for his life in a way he hasn't had to before. Somehow Snyder has kept the pacing and action cranked up for the past nine issues. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Capullo is a beast when it comes to giving life to Snyder's script. As the main part of the Night of the Owls, there's a lot to see here and the back-up adds even more to an already great issue. If I was only allowed one comic to read each month, it would definitely be BATMAN.