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Batman #713 - In Storybook Endings


The final issue of Batman before the relaunch. Rather than put an end to the series, the issue serves as more of an introduction to the characters. This might not be essential reading but it's fun and gives some good insight in of the characters new view on things.

The final issue of Batman after 71 years. Rather than put a final nail in the coffin, the issue serves as more of a celebration of the Dynamic Duo.

The Good

What do you do when a series is facing its final issue? We are seeing several issues obviously geared to wrapping things up. Rather than try to dwell on the fact that the volume is ending along with the numbering, the issue focuses on the characters. This issue felt more like a "point 1" issue that Marvel has been doing. This is a way for people to get a slightly different look at the story of Batman and Robin.

The story is narrated by someone close to the Bat-family. Part of the fun is trying to figure out who is telling the story, why and who is hearing it. The art captures key moments in Batman's history that is a great homage to the past.

The Bad

While being a fun issue with some obvious bias in some of the retelling, if you've been reading Batman, you already know the story. I've seen some comments from readers wondering if these final issues are worth getting because everything is re-starting in September. That isn't necessarily the case. Hardcore readers might be left wanting or expecting more but it is a fun look and shows a little...evolution in the character telling the story.

The Verdict

This is the last issue of Batman...until September 21. There's no need to get hung up on the change in numbering. The Batman stories will continue. Because Bat-events are said to carry over into the "New 52" universe, this issue doesn't put an end to the characters's story. Instead, we get a celebration and look back at the key moments that defined all the Batmans and Robins. If you haven't been keeping up on Batman and want to know the core of their story, you get it here. Let's just hope that too much doesn't change next month to make this issue null and void.