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Batman #7 - The Talons Strike!


Batman has faced the battle of his career and has been at the mercy of the Court of Owls. Is there any way he can return to safety? Well…he is Batman. Be prepared for a bunch of revelations and more questions.

Man oh man, Scott Snyder continues to keep us on the edge of our seats month after month. After the craziness of the last couple issues, when will Batman ever get a chance to catch his breath?

The Good

As usual, this issue is full of greatness. Rather than pick up immediately where the last issue left off, we get a little bit of a flashback. Obviously I won't describe what it contains but it is full of symbolism. Seeing this period of time should send a chill down your spine and how the flashback ends is like a punch in the gut.

The way issue #6 left off, you're probably asking yourself how the heck could Batman survive his encounter with the Talon and the Court of Owls. Batman underwent pure psychological torture for over a week and barely managed to keep his wits. This continues the tearing down of Batman by Snyder. We all know how much he loves the character but he's doing something you don't often see. When it comes to Batman, the joke is he can defeat anyone. Yes, he does and will survive against the Court of Owls but he just might need a tiny bit of help. Let it be noted that the person Snyder chose to be the one to help is extremely interesting.

In typical Snyder fashion, we do get some questions answered but plenty more arise. Even when offering revelations towards characters and situations, they leave us wondering what it all means in the big picture and you can't help but be sucked in further into the story.

It's simply amazing how many surprises Snyder can cram into one single issue. We should be used to it by now but turning each page offers something more. In reading each issue, I feel like a starving man devouring a gourmet meal. I simply have never been so pulled into a Batman story at this level in all my years of following the character.

For those wanting answers and revelations, there are some crazy ones in here. The great thing is seeing connections to other issues (and series!). Reading this makes it clear that Snyder has some gigantic master plan set in motion. We may not get all the answers to who and what the Court is but we do find out a bit about one of their key players. It's a great feeling knowing that there is plenty more to come.

There are so many emotions conveyed in this issue and Greg Capullo captures them all. We see shock and fear. Anger and bitterness after years of holding things back. Just when you think you've seen all the surprises this issue has in store for you, you turn the page to see yet another.

The Bad

If I had to try to dig out something that bothered me, it might have been a little bit of a speech that Dick gave. Other than that, of course it's a great issue.

The Verdict

Month after month Scott Snyder delivers an amazing issue of BATMAN. At the end, we're left in awe and start to wonder, is it possible for him to top this issue? The answer since the "New 52" started is 'yes.' Snyder has been unraveling an epic story. Reading each panel carefully gives the feeling as if there are layers and layers hidden beneath the surface. Each issue of BATMAN is what comic books are supposed to be about. The story exists on so many levels. You'll find yourself reading and re-reading each issue to make sure you don't miss any hidden clues. And then you'll find yourself re-reading the past issues once again to see that there were many clues in plain site. To make it all even better, Capullo attacks each page with his art. The worst part of this issue is it means we have to wait another whole month for the next issue.