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Batman #4 - Face the Court, Part One


After an explosive finale last issue, Batman is discovering that there's a chance he might have been wrong about a previous investigation. Of course he won't admit that and that could end up costing him.

Batman is on the trail of a century-old secret organization he's certain doesn't exist. The evidence he uncovered last issue ended things with a bang.

The Good

It's no secret how much I love Batman and the BATMAN series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. At the end, I usually find myself letting out a deep breath as I take in just how good it was. Then I think, there's no way they can top this next month. So far, each month, I've been wrong. Snyder and Capullo are like two gladiators entering the comic arena and are ready to bring the action and excitement to our fingertips.

Where we left off last issue, Batman foolishly triggered a tripwire in a hidden room. How many times have we seen tripwires go off in comics or movies? What Snyder does, it takes it to the next level. Of course Batman would know about the effects of a tripwire. "The real threat from a tripwire comes the aftermath." Something so simple that you never really think about. Leave it to Snyder to fully analyze the elements and nature of the tripwire.

At the same time, Capullo's art captures the detail of the destruction and you're left almost saddened to see the items in the room destroyed. There's a lot going on and Capullo doesn't miss a beat. It almost seems the more Snyder throws at him in the scripts, the more he thrives.

Where the issue starts ticking like a time bomb about to go off is when the question is asked when specifically did Batman investigate the Court of Owls? He is adamant that they do not exist. Without spoiling anything, we do get to see that investigation and the other elements Snyder addresses along with it is such a treat. Be prepared to see a side of Batman you haven't seen before.

The Bad

Scott Snyder has made it clear he loves Batman but you almost get the feeling he doesn't like the character. There's a vibe that some bad stuff is coming. It's good to see things get shaken up but no one wants to see the main character beaten down. But whatever doesn't kill Batman will make him stronger.

The only real complaint is there are some strange transitions between scenes. There's a lot of story to tell so it's really not a problem. Perhaps Batman is simply so focused that he doesn't take the time to say, "See ya later."

The Verdict

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are taking us and Batman to a place he's never been before. Reading each issue is like walking on thin ice. There is so much intensity sitting beneath the surface. We have been seeing things that Batman hasn't, such as the Talon and possibility of the Court of Owls. This is something Batman refuses to accept and you know it's going to explode in his face, just as the tripwire did at the end of the last issue. Batman is so focused and sure he knows what's going on, the thought, for us readers, that he could actually be wrong is a scary one.

You can see that Snyder has a grand plan for the Dark Knight and it's just possible that Batman will have to face something he's not prepared for. Capullo's art is top notch and you can feel the aggressive energy he pours into each page. Despite seeing flashback scenes in the past, Snyder delivers one that is unexpected and such a joy to read. Each issue has been better than the last and it's not hard to believe that next issue will somehow be even better. This is exactly what I want in a Batman comic.