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Batman #29 - Zero Year: Dark City


It’s the conclusion of the “Dark City” arc of Zero Year. Will Batman triumph over Riddler or will it be “lights out” for the Dark Knight?

The Good

This is an oversized issue. Forty pages of story and art by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. That’s a great thing right there. The story’s been building and we’ve been seeing the affects of the raging storm in Gotham City as Riddler’s attack against the city unfolds.

As this is partially an origin story, Snyder does give us some more insight into events from young Bruce Wayne’s life. While it’s great to see Capullo’s depiction of the characters from this past time, it’s also a little eerie seeing Bruce with his parents.

The action get pretty intense in the main portion of the story. The raging storm is getting out of hand. Seeing the evacuation process while the city tries to make their move against Riddler brings a nice balance to it all. It’s not often we get to see the street level reactions and repercussions when a big supervillain makes their move. And who doesn’t like cool cameos?

When Batman makes his move against Riddler, hold onto your hats. Holy cow, man. Scott Snyder cranks up the dramatics in a fun and exciting way. Seeing this particular page by Capullo with FCO Plascencia’s colors will make your jaw drop. This will actually happen on more than one page.

We’re still talking about the younger and slightly more reckless version of Batman. That means there’s kind of no telling how the fight will go, which adds to the fun and excitement. This Batman is still raw and getting a sense at what he can do. It's refreshing being able to read a Batman story where he doesn't always immediately win or know how to end the fight.

For those wanting answers (what’s all this about “Tokyo Rose”?), you will get some here. But keep in mind, Zero Year is not over. We have Savage City to look forward to, which might be more crazy what what happens in this issue.

The Bad

There’s nothing to complain about. This is what I want in this BATMAN title. We get huge action with gorgeous art and colors. The action gets intense and you feel like you’re watching a huge blockbuster on the big screen.

Batman seems a little careless with a new vehicle. How much did that thing cost?

The Verdict

Oversized Zero Year issue? Yes, please! This issue really makes you appreciate the creative team. We often praise Scott Snyder for his amazing story and developments. Greg Capullo is a beast when it comes to the pencils. Danny Miki’s inks and FCO Placencia’s colors help knock the comic out of the park. Besides being a great story, it looks fantastic. I’m am completely digging Zero Year and can’t wait for what’s coming next. This is the kind of comic that sucks you in and makes you forget everything else around you. Despite being an oversized issue, I still want more.