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Batman #11 - My Brother's Keeper; The Fall of the House of Wayne, Conclusion


It's the end of the arc so does that mean this is the final battle? There were some serious revelations in the last issues and there might be some answers here.

"You're a lunatic in a bird suit...and I was done playing nice..."

The Good

Lincoln March made some serious allegations last issue. If true, they could completely change Batman and Bruce Wayne's world. We pick right up where last issue's cliffhanger ending left off. This is a major match up. Of course during this no holds barred fight, there's going to be some speech making. Despite all the cards being laid out on the table, there's that bit of doubt. You'll be hanging onto every word, waiting to see what the outcome could be. Of course there's the question of whether or not Bruce and Lincoln will survive. This is an intense fight. You also have to consider the fact that Lincoln took the Talon formula

The great part is hearing Lincoln's talk. The way he describes his story is poetic. The way Scott Snyder has him describe his upbringing and the symbolism is brilliant. This was an issue that I literally paused on each page because I didn't want it to end. Of course I was dying to see the outcome but part of me was almost sad to know the end was coming.

What can be said about Greg Capullo's art that hasn't already been said? I will mention that the battle between Bruce and Lincoln takes place across various locations in Gotham. It's great to see the little detail of familiar buildings. Batman takes a helluva beating and leave it to Capullo to capture every detail of it.

And then there's the conclusion to the back up story. Snyder, James Tynion IV and Rafael Albuquerque bring the events to end and fill in the gap with details of what happened back when Thomas and Martha were alive. It's a tragic ending but also is exactly what this entire arc needed.

The Bad

The 'villain' has to be able to give their revealing speech at some point. As well crafted as it is here, it's in the midst of a pretty hardcore fight. The fact that the fight takes them all over Gotham and even on a plane in the sky, I wonder how much of it Bruce was able to hear. Of course the beating Bruce takes and the scene with the plane and after were a bit much. I suppose the normal New 52 armor/suit Batman wears really absorbs a lot.

The Verdict

Now we can finally catch our breathe. It's been a crazy ride and the action and revelations really amped things up these last couple issues. Scott Snyder made a bold move with the direction of Lincoln March. I won't comment whether or not there's a clear and definitive conclusion to his claim but there is plenty to make the argument for both sides. There was also a touching scene between Bruce and Dick that plays out nicely. The two of them have been through a lot and we don't often see them able to simply talk. The conclusion to the back up story further sheds light on the past and brings about another touching scene. There is a grand feeling of closure despite certain questions still hanging in the air. If DC ever felt they needed to cancel BATMAN, this would be a fitting and appropriate way to end the series. But clearly that can and never should happen.

It's hard to say what's next for Batman. We know Snyder and Capullo have some insane plans brewing in the coming months. I do feel a little sad this arc is over. It's not so much that it's over but more so all the revelations and emotion contained here. That's just a testament to the writing ability of Snyder. It's not often I actually feel something after reading a comic. This was the ending I would have asked for.