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Batman #1 - Knife Trick


This issue delivers the familiar Dark Knight we all know while completely setting the stage for a new era. An amazing combination of a new and old feel seamlessly meshed together in a stunning first issue.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo give you what you expect, a Batman book that will make you happy to be reading comics. If there were any concern over the future of the Batman Universe in DC's 'The New 52,' they are all wiped away here.

The Good

Gotham City is a force to be reckoned with. Scott Snyder has stated that Batman's relationship with the city will be a focus in the series. We all know it's not just a regular city and it's about time we fully see that. Are there any changes made to Batman's character as part of 'The New 52'? Yes but Batman is still Batman. From the opening scene brilliantly illustrated by Greg Capullo, you will see Batman fighting the inmates at Arkham Asylum.

Within a few pages, Snyder and Capullo give us a very clear indication of what we can expect from them. Seeing the way the pages unfold will surprise you that this is the first time the two have worked together. We see Batman's rogues gallery, Arkham Asylum, the Batcave, Wayne Manor, Commissioner Gordon the Robins (past and present). All of this while making a clear statement on the direction of the series.

We see old villains, but what about new ones? Read the issue to find out. It is a great jumping on point. Snyder is determined to make it accessible to even those that have never read a Batman comic. It's hard to try to look at the issue from that standpoint but I'd have to say he succeeds.

Capullo's art oozes out the excitement that he and Snyder have over creating this issue. There is a big flashy vibe while we also have some very dark corners present throughout. It's the superhero book you want but will have elements that just might give you shivers.

And there is a crazy cliffhanger. It's insane.

The Bad

Seriously? There's nothing bad. After Snyder's run on Detective Comics, this is exactly the Batman book I wanted.

The Verdict

It's another home run for Scott Snyder. He showed us what he could do with Dick Grayson as Batman and now we're seeing the beginning of what he has in store for Bruce. Batman is in safe hands with Snyder and the addition of Capullo adds a new element to Gotham City. Capullo's art is big and over the top yet has elements showing that Snyder has no plans on easing up on the darker stories. Within a few pages, Snyder and Capullo answer pretty much every question we might have on the state of the Batman Universe while introducing elements that are clearly going to change and take Batman to a new level. Reading this issue made me giddy as a kid reading comics for the first time. With Snyder, you know there is so much underneath the surface and even if you can't see what's there, knowing that they're there will amp up your level of excitement. Readers that have never picked up a Batman issue can easily step in here and know what's going on. It's great for both new and old readers. Neither should feel frustration as the issue appeals to both. I could go on some more but I think I'll just give the issue another read instead.