Comic Vine Review


Batgirl #3 - A Breath of Broken Glass


Batgirl faces off against Mirror, then face off against Nightwing

A little bit of action, a little bit of drama, and a little bit of old relationships dying hard. That's pretty much, in a nutshell, what this issue is all about.

The Good

I really enjoyed the "first act" in this issue. It was a great action scene, and it although it progressed the Mirror story line, it didn't have to wrap it up all nice a neat. The second and third pages' art, pencils by Ardian Syaf, inks by Vincente Cifuentes, and colors by Ulises Arreola is wonderful. I really enjoy the two page splash page not just because of the art itself, but because of how it is set up. It has a great perspective to it and I love the color scheme.

The second act of this issue revolves around Babs and Gordon chatting it up about her once being paralyzed and Babs reveals that her condition could deteriorate, and she needs to be careful. It's a short scene, but I really enjoy the dynamic between this father and daughter.

The only thing I really liked about the third act was that Nightwing was in it, and it briefly touches on these two characters histories.

The Bad

The last part of this issue, featuring Nightwing and Batgirl, is what really kills the issue for me. The book slows to a crawl here and gets confusing. The story isn't what confuses me though. It's Babs out-of-nowhere reaction to her and Nightwing playing a game of tag.

Basically, Babs goes nuts for no reason. She comes off as emotionally unstable to the millionth degree, even after keeping her cool through the many deaths in the first part of the issue. The scene wasn't pointless, and it does have it's merit. I felt it could have been pulled off a lot better and Batgirl wouldn't seem as fragile.

The Verdict

I enjoyed reading this book, but I want more out of it. I liked the first two "acts" of this issue, and I love the two-page art spread towards the beginning. I also like seeing another character, who has his own book, make a cameo in the issue, but that last story really rubbed me the wrong way because Babs freaks out and seems so emotionally unstable. Overall, I mildly recommend the issue. Three issues into Batgirl, I feel the series is right down the middle for me.