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Axis: Hobgoblin #1


Axis has turned the Marvel Universe upside down and it's time

If you need a refresher on Hobgoblin, you can check out our video HERE.

The Good

Here's a disclaimer. I love the original Hobgoblin. The mystery of his true identity was one of my all-time favorite comic book story threads. The fact it lasted so long never disappointed me. I thrived on the clues and misleads. We've seen different variations of the character with different people taking the guise. Now, Roderick Kingsley is back. With the recent events in Axis, we're seeing some villains step up to do some heroic deeds.

We know Kingsley is a businessman at heart. Recently he has taken it upon himself to lease out supervillain franchises to those willing to pay. He now sees a profit in using superhero identities. His plan is to now inspire those to do good, while accepting payment for his words or wisdom. It's both an intriguing and disturbing sight to see. Kevin Shinick has captured the essence of Kingsley and is fleshing him out in ways we haven't been able to see.

Javier Rodriguez's art and colors are a great match for the tone of the book. We've seen the various 'Goblins smile in the past but there's something unsettling about the way Rodriguez depicts Hobby. There's an almost upbeat feel to the story while, at the same time, you know things can potentially explode in the worst way. That feeling seeps into the way you read and enjoy the story.

I haven't been completely on board with the AXIS series, but this was a wonderful surprise.

The Bad

Hobgoblin as a hero? Obviously there's more to it than that. He doesn't necessarily have the noblest of intentions but it makes for an intriguing story. I'm more concerned with this being just a three-issue miniseries. I've always felt that the three-issue stories have a rushed feeling and sometimes fall a little flat. This mini is off to a great start but you it's like we're already almost half way through with just one issue. Will we be able to explore how others (like Spider-Man) react to this new direction?

As a big Hobgoblin fan, I truly loved this story. For readers who aren't fully familiar with his history or don't see the importance in this change, they might not enjoy it as much.

The Verdict

Hobgoblin may have started out as a Green Goblin clone but he has long since proven he is his own character. With the different versions and variations we've seen over the year, Hobgoblin as a motivational speaker promoting others to become heroes is pretty crazy yet you'll be hooked from the first page. Kevin Shinick does a great job showing how Kingsley is adapting to the new status quo in the Marvel Universe and Javier Rodriguez's art and colors are perfect for this. It's unfortunate the series is only three-issues but hopefully each one will be jam-packed with fun and excitement. I just want more and more of this.