Comic Vine Review


Axe Cop: President of the World #1


Axe Cop returns. Get ready for goo monsters, talking gorillas, time travel and bunch of other crazy events. If this doesn't make you laugh, there might be something wrong with your sense of humor.

The Good

I love when there's a new Axe Cop comic in comic shops. If you're familiar with the character, you know the comic is drawn, inked and lettered by 31 year-old Ethan Nicolle and written by his now 8 year-old brother, Malachai. The comic shines in the fact that it takes simple ideas, mashes them together and results in an absurd and entertaining story. I did have some concern over the series no longer being written by a 5 year-old. There is still plenty of insane moments to be seen.

The premise is, Axe Cop is now President of the World. The bad guys have been taken care of and the question is, when will the bad guys strike back? All this is combined with the possible attack by aliens plus an abundance of seemingly random events and characters.

This is a comic you can just jump into. If you need or want a comic to just get away from everything, this is the one. While the story does continue from the previous series, it's not necessary to read the past adventures, although you owe it to yourself to check those out as well.

The Bad

As much as I enjoyed this issue, it didn't crack me up as much as before. I have to hand it to the creators for the ability to continue to come up with bizarre characters but it almost felt as if too much happened here. I mean, we're talking about the passage of a million years.

I did laugh and snicker. It might be having read past Axe Cop stories have made me a tiny bit numb to the brilliant absurdity of this world.

The Verdict

Everyone should read Axe Cop. The notion of a child writing and coming up with crazy ideas is still fun. Just when you think you have an idea what might or could happen in the story, something even more absurd results. This is a comic to read for the pure joy of it. You won't often read a comic of this nature and it's great to have the opportunity to do so. Comics can often get too serious and it's important to have a variety and have the option of reading something fun and entertaining. If you've never read Axe Cop before, you need to rectify that immediately.