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A+X #2 - Black Widow + Rogue; Iron Man + Kitty Pryde


We get an early look at some very interesting team-ups!

One of the advantages of these A+X titles is that you're getting two very different stories in one issue; which for some people is great. Just like the first issue of this new series, you can jump right into this comic not having had much experience reading stories with these characters. The second issue of A+X features two very different and very easy to read stories that are set outside of continuity (for the most part) and are great for any new reader to dive into. I truly loved the concept behind this issue, but I felt very differently about both the stories.

The Good

Black Widow + Rogue

I was pretty excited about this team-up as I really like both of these two characters. First, Rogue is a great character, and artist Chris Bachalo has a lot of experience drawing her. I also think that having worked on so many X-Men books, Bachalo has a pretty solid understanding of her character beyond the 'sugar' stuff. It feels like, just by reading, that Bachalo knows Rogue pretty well.

Iron Man + Kitty Pryde

I know a lot of people probably won't be crazy about the art because it's so different, but I felt that it was perfect for this issue. Artist Mike Del Mundo does a fantastic job with his pencils and he has an incredibly unique style. I love the way he elongates Kitty and makes her appear as though she's really running across the panels of this issue. It's just really well done. Writer Peter David is fantastic in the way he writes both Iron Man and Kitty Pryde. I think their interactions are just really sweet and clever, and I very much enjoyed David's depiction of Pryde as an intelligent character.

The Bad

Black Widow + Rogue

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for his Black Widow. There were a couple of things about this story that really turned me off about the character and her interaction with Rogue. There were certain moments that just struck me as not very like Black Widow. She also seemed a bit too vapid in certain scenes too. Additionally, there were certain things that happened in this story that felt too impossible. Like reaction time, for example. Without getting into specifics, I totally get that superhero stories are completely outside the realm of possibility; but they should still be written as sort of believable. Again, it's really hard to get into the specific problems with this issue without giving away some of the plot's details. There were also some moments that were really relevant to the plot that weren't shown in panel, which is kind of a problem. I think that's a pretty big problem, too.

Iron Man + Kitty Pryde

Nothing bad here, I definitely loved this comic.

The Verdict

Black Widow + Rogue

Overall, the art was, for the most part, really pretty but the plot just didn't make much sense. I liked the way that Rogue was portrayed, but I was not a fan of the way Bachalo wrote Black Widow.

Iron Man + Kitty Pryde

I thought this story was fantastic. From the really interesting and unique pencils, to the very funny and well written character interactions -- this story won't disappoint. I also liked the way that Peter David called back to previous issues of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN. There's also a really cute easter egg at the end of the issue, too.