Comic Vine Review


AVX: Consequences #2


Cyclops is in prison to pay for the damage he committed with the Phoenix Force. How long will he survive and will he put up a fight to save his life?

The Good

Do we need a five part, five issue series dealing with the aftermath of a twelve issue series (that included countless tie in issues)? In way, we do. AVENGERS VS X-MEN didn't simply end with one side winning and another losing. Despite the Phoenix Five losing, the status quo for mutants has changed. Cyclops and the others did some highly questionable things and caused the death of many. There is a big question of whether or not the good outweighs the bad. Having a look at the actual repercussions of an event is a good thing. It adds more to the story and shows that everything won't always be neatly resolved.

Wolverine's visit to Cyclops in prison is where the analysis begins. These two have been at odds in a big way lately. The break down as to how each sees the way the recent events unfold is interesting and you'll wonder if this encounter will lead to the end of Cyclops.

It's an ugly situation that has been created. Cyclops has taken quite a big fall despite having accomplished a lot. There might still be arguments over whether or not he was right but you still have to consider the price that had to be paid and may still need to be paid.

There may not be the big heavy action here that we had in the AVX series but that's not what this is about. Looking at the characters this way shows us that there is some substance to everything that happened. We may have seen countless fight after fight during the arc but now we get to take a closer look at the motivation of those involved.

The Bad

Cyclops may have been going down a dark rode for a while but it's still hard to accept his fate. You can't help but feel that by the end of this, Cyclops will be forgiven (if he can survive). Haven't we seen him on a Marvel NOW! teaser?

I like how Cyclops actually is looking slim but it's a pretty rapid change from how he looked in AVX. It's mostly seen in his face. This is just a problem with the many different artists drawing him differently. If you look at the cover to this week's UNCANNY X-MEN, you can see Cyclops has a more square jaw but here, it's pointier. It's a minor problem but something that bugs me a little. Artist interpretation is one thing but sometimes it's hard to overlook the differences. But I do like the idea of Cyclops being less musclebound as he has been recently.

While the conversation between Scott and Logan was good, it started getting a little too whiney. At least we should be seeing more action next issue.

The Verdict

AVENGERS VS X-MEN may be over but there are still consequences to look at and deal with. Some may question whether or not this is necessary but with the number of civilians that died, it's important that this isn't just ignored. We have to hope that there won't be a neat and tidy ending for Cyclops at the end of this series. You have to wonder if there'll ever be an answer as to whether or not 'Cyclops was right.'