Comic Vine Review


Avengers: X-Sanction #3 - Noon


Cable is determined to stop the Avengers at any cost in order to save his 'daughter' Hope. With flashbacks to the future (huh?), more is revealed on Cable's return and there are more guest appearances as well.

It's Cable versus the Avengers but that's not all. There are some others coming to join the party.

The Good

You might have heard about the upcoming event, Avengers Vs. X-Men. Splashed across the cover, we're reminded that it's only two months away. This miniseries is clearly leading up to that event.

When Cable seemingly sacrificed himself for Hope at the end of Second Coming, it turned out he wasn't dead just yet. Seeing an apocalyptic future because the Avengers were responsible for Hope not being alive to prevent it, Cable made it his final mission to prevent Hope's demise. Having already fought (and defeated) Falcon, Captain America and Iron Man, Cable now has to face Red Hulk. He doesn't have much time and that makes him even more desperate (and dangerous).

With Cable's return, there were some questions as to how he made it back to the present and where he got all his weapons. Those answers are revealed and more questions are raised. They're pretty big ones and with the fast paced nature of this series, they might have to wait until AVENGERS VS. X-MEN begins in order to be answered.

When Cyclops and Hope show up, it's great seeing the acknowledgement of Cyclops and Cable's relationship. The fact that Cyclops is Cable's father isn't something that is really focused on. He was struck with a bit of grief at Cable's funeral but even though they're both soldiers, I always wanted to see a little more of this touch upon.

The Bad

We're getting some nice action scenes and some cool little seeds (from the future) but there are some parts that feel off. This entire miniseries is the comic book cliché of superhero fighting superhero. Cable doesn't have a lot of time and is a strategist. Would attacking the Avengers individually be more efficient than actually trying to talk to them? Yes, that'd be a boring miniseries but it's still hard to overlook.

I don't think the image used for the cover was the right choice. That's something better left for the interiors.

When Wolverine shows up, would he really say they're taking the Avengers back even if they have to "kill Cable"? They've fought in the past but they're way beyond that.

The Verdict

We're over halfway through the miniseries. Cable has already fought Falcon, Captain America and Iron Man. Cable's fight with Red Hulk is providing some interesting tidbits along with the flashback (to the future before he arrived in the present get the idea) where we find out how Cable returned and where he got his weapons. We all love a good superhero vs. superhero fight but this is starting to feel a little forced. Cable is desperate and perhaps not thinking rationally but it's almost too much. It will be interesting to see how the events here will fully lead into AVENGERS VS. X-MEN and what Cable's final (?) fate will be.