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Avengers World #2 Review


Smasher finds herself in the middle of the A.I.M. Empire and learns what A.I.M. is up to.

The Good

In AVENGERS WORLD #2, Smasher is trapped on A.I.M. Island. As she finds a way out, she remembers the time she spent with her grandfather, who was once Captain Terror. She learns what A.I.M. is really up to and who is behind it all.

While it's a bit weird to see the second issue of this series so focused on a single character, it's great to learn more about Smasher and her larger connection to the Marvel universe and its Golden Age. Weaved into the main narrative are scenes of a young Smasher with her grandfather: Captain Terror. Isabel Kane (Smasher) is still a pretty new character, so it's nice to get a little more info about her, while the main narrative follows her throughout A.I.M. Island. Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer make this one interesting issue.

This is a bigger and badder A.I.M. than readers are used to. They aren't the guys in Hazmat suits, fumbling around with lasers. They've really got their act together. Andrew Forson the A.I.M scientist supreme deals with Smasher here. He comes off as caring and wanting to make the world better, but this is A.I.M., so readers are really just waiting for the turn. There's also the reintroduction of a character Marvel fans haven't seen in quite some time. It's a bit of a head scratcher, but all-in-all, really works well with the story and what A.I.M. is planning to do with their island.

Stefano Caselli (art) and Frank Martin (colors) do a really solid job here. The art has a great sense of movement here, when necessary and the story flows visually very well. The outdoor scenes of A.I.M. Island are beautiful. There's an alien aspect to all the plant and animal life outside, and Martin's colors look great here and feel very natural.

The Bad

At the end of the issue (spoilers), Smasher is turned into something else: Messenger. The problem with this is her outfit. It screams Yellowjacket. The color scheme is identical and you can't help but thinking about Hank Pym when you see this.

For a book about a larger Avengers team, which had a very big first issue, AVENGERS WORLD #2 is focused on so little. It feels a bit off to see a title with "WORLD" in the title spend so much time on a singular character in the same place for a whole issue. While what we got was good, it feels very different from the first issue.

The Verdict

AVENGERS WORLD #2 is pretty dang fun. It feels like an Avengers book while giving the reader something new, and while this issue really focuses around Smasher, she's a pretty awesome character. We get a nice glimpse into her past and her connection to her grandfather, although I really didn't like her costume design at the end of the issue. This series has me roped in and while it's isn't amazing, it certainly is a very fun read.

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Posted By Jake Fury

Again it seems everyone bails on something new and sticks to tried and true characters. I like this series and how it is being different. Smasher is interesting and it will be cool to see where they take the character after the transformation.

QFT. I read this book to see the other characters.

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Posted By Jake Fury

The new Smasher (new to me anyway) is really interesting. This title has been a good read so far.

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Posted By DCWarFan73

Again it seems everyone bails on something new and sticks to tried and true characters. I like this series and how it is being different. Smasher is interesting and it will be cool to see where they take the character after the transformation.

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Posted By HumanRocket

I keep looking at the cover to make sure that the person writing this series is the same person that's writing New Avengers. I don't know why this series and even Avengers is lacking so much personality in the characthers. It's hard to really invest time in the characthers when they all feel the same and with no personality in them. I know Hickman can did well in Infinity but this just doesn't make sense for me so I'm not going to put more time in this series and just stick with New Avengers.

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Posted By iceslick

@inferiorego: I accidentally saw it as Wasp at the end. Thanks, for pointing that out. I can actually see that it looks like Yellow Jacket's costume especially the similar emblem. I'm really loving this series though even more than Avengers. Because we are really getting to know about the lesser known Avengers which was really missing. Avengers always felt too cramped in with too many characters. I'm glad we got to learn more about Smasher because she's already a likeable character.

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Edited By judasnixon

There has been a lot of A.I.M. around lately.... I've seen A.I.M. in at least in three books this week.

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Posted By Cafeterialoca

I really did not like the ending. In fact, I'm done with Hickman's Avengers. None of the characters are likable.