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Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 - Round 12


The final issue is here. This changes everything…or does it? Find out what happens after the big events from last issue and how the Marvel Universe will be changed.

The Good

The twelve-issue story is bound to result in debates for some time. As we're reminded from the very first page, this all started when Scarlet Witch said "No more mutants" and changed the fate of an entire species. Cyclops has only wanted to right the wrong that was caused back then. With the Phoenix Force, he could have the power to do that. The problem is he may not be fully capable of controlling that power.

There's a nice debate in the comic as to who is to blame for these events. The string of events can be traced back a ways if you wanted to try shifting the blame on others. Is Cyclops to Blame? The Avengers? Captain America? Scarlet Witch? As you can imagine, the debate won't last long in this issue as words quickly turn to action.

With the lives of the heroes at stake and the drastic lengths Cyclops is willing to go to, the only chance the heroes have is Hope Summers and Scarlet Witch...but they don't get along.

The scenes of the Avengers and X-Men fighting Cyclops is one of utter destruction. It's gone beyond a battle of survival for the heroes, it's a matter of trying to ensure the world survives. And then there's Hope. For so long we were supposed to believe she was meant for something bigger. That just never happened. Even Hope understands that she's just been waiting for something to happen.

I'm just sick to death of waiting. Waiting around to become something or other.

Be careful what you wish for, right?

This crossover event may have had its ups and downs but I think I'm still a sucker for nice action scenes. Seeing the heroes lay it all on the line, knowing they don't really have much hope of winning is pretty cool. And he art/visuals by Adam Kubert when a certain flying person that hasn't been seen since the first issue shows up bring the Dark Phoenix down to Earth so the others can try their last attempt was pretty dang cool.

Often we hear the rhetoric that "everything will change" or "nothing will be the same." Let's just say there is a pretty big change here. This will have major effects on the Marvel Universe.

The Bad

I love Captain America. He doesn't stand down to anyone. But some of his dialogue was a bit much.

The Earth doesn't die on our watch!
Avengers! Take him down!

This is all impressive as he is willing to stand up to the Phoenix Force but still, it can be a bit cheesy.

While big things do happen, you can't help wonder if the entire journey was necessary. The extra length in the issue was nice but the events almost feel together too easily. There was still plenty of destruction along the way. With the new status quo set in the Marvel Universe, these past twelve issues felt like a long way just to arrive at this destination.

I'm also torn at the inclusion of so many characters. Having them here adds to the overall feeling that this was a big deal. It's weird that the Fantastic Four didn't bother to show up when the entire world at risk. Of course they could have been off planet or something but it's still odd. The downside of so many characters is some of the ones you really want to see take part in the action are reduced to either standing around in the background or lying unconscious on the ground.

The Verdict

Big things do happen here. Many readers have been clamoring for results and they will get shoved in your face. Comic book events should have meaning at the end of the run. We should get big results in order to pay for our commitment. It may not have been the smoothest ride but what happens at the end will indeed matter. We wanted changes in the Marvel Universe and they are now here. With all the recent events we've been seeing, this is the first time in a while there will be some long repercussions as a result. The bumpy ride was worth this outcome. If you've been hesitant about keeping up with this series, you won't want to miss this issue. From the gigantic fight scenes to the debates and conversations along with the birth of a new era, we finally get some consequences and closure at the same time. Seeing how the ramifications play out will be fun. As for the big change that occurs, all I'll say is it's about time. Make sure you're on hand to see how everything does change. You think you know the Marvel Universe? It's time to get to know it all over again.