Comic Vine Review


Avengers Undercover #2 - Descent Part Two


Cullen is Bagalia, and the rest of the Murder World survivors head off to find him.

The Good

On the surface, what writer Dennis Hopeless does very well with this issue and series thus far is keep the story open for new readers. These characters have become celebrities, since AVENGERS ARENA, so it's going to make sense to have a good portion of this book deal with how these characters handle their new celebrity, which was born out of tragedy.

What's really interesting about this issue is that readers get a look into what villains do in their off-time from robbing banks and fighting heroes. This is a side of the world of super-powered beings that fans want to see, even if they're not yelling about it in the comment sections.

The book, while pretty dark, gives the reader a fun look into how the characters who are perceived as evil let their hair down. It makes these characters feel like they fit more into this world and more importantly, the reader gets to see some of these baddies actually stick up for one another. There's good within the bad.

There are a few cool moments as some of these characters meet villains everyone knows, and hopefully, this book will continue to build on that. That's said because this issue leaves the reader off at a pretty cool point, but it's one that carries a lot weight. If this story keeps moving the way it's going, then will there be a reason to be undercover?

The pacing here is fantastic. Hopeless is really taking his time at setting things up. While the last issue focused on the aftermath of AA, this issue focuses on the new world these characters are entering. Each issue just makes this world a little bit fuller.

Kev Walker's art, along with Jean-Francois Beaulieu's colors, may, stylistically, be a bit farther from the tone of the book, but that's what I like about the art. It highlights the fun of the book and keeps it away from being ultra-serious. Walker and Hopeless work extremely well together.

The Bad

This book really isn't a new series. It's the continuation of another, AVENGERS ARENA. Most people reading Marvel books probably already know that though. While writer Dennis Hopeless does a fine job at keeping new readers invested heavily in the book and story by really keeping this book new reader friendly, but there's a lot of heavily established relationships in this book and it's a bit alienating if you didn't read AA.

The Verdict

AVENGERS UNDERCOVER is a great book, especially if you're looking for something that's a bit depressing and isn't just good guys battling bad guys. This issue and series deals with a lot more than stopping the Wrecking Crew from robbing a bank. It deals with character who were forced to do some terrible things and how it has affected their lives afterwards. If you didn't like the first issue, chances are you'll not be too enthused with this one as well; however, there's a lot of meat to this book and one you should try out. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.