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Avengers: The Children's Crusade #7


The Scarlet Witch is back and ready to restore power to Mutants. The problem is will the Avengers and X-Men let her? There's so much crazy action and gorgeous artwork that makes you forget the bi-monthly schedule.

We're only at issue seven (of nine) and the action continues to heat up. With Scarlet Witch back in control of her powers, what will this mean for the future of Mutantkind and the Marvel Universe?

The Good

Each month I am blown away by this series. Scarlet Witch has become such a fascinating character to me. She has all this power so how can things end well for her? Last issue she made her decision to restore the powers to all the mutants that lost their abilities. This could have major ramifications. With the Avengers and X-Men ready to tear each other apart over Wanda adds even more complications. How this series will end seems likely but then again, you never really know. And that's what adds to the excitement.

We all love a good crossover. Superheroes fighting superheroes is always fun. The tension between the X-Men and Avengers is so great to see, especially with Jim Cheung's absolutely stunning artwork. Allan Heinberg and Cheung together are a treat. I've expressed my frustration with the bi-monthly schedule but each issue makes it worth it.

Seeing each character interact has been long overdue. What happens when Wanda is reunited with her father and brother? What about Wanda and the other Avengers? These scenes along with Cheung's art makes each issue worth every penny. Part of me is happy with the bi-monthly schedule as it prolongs the series. I am not looking forward to the end of the series yet I have no idea how they are going to end the story. All the battles and the way this issue ends will leave you wanting more and more.

The Bad

I've probably mentioned this in past issue reviews for this series, the schedule is a tease. When we finally get a new issue, we're forced to wait two months for the next. It's also bad that we're getting closer to the end.

The Verdict

Each issue in this series has been a blast. The return of Scarlet Witch is something that will impact the Avengers, Young Avengers, X-Men and pretty much the entire Marvel Universe. There is a feeling that things will end with a return to the status quo before this series started but of all the characters involved, it's hard to think there won't be a lasting effect. Heinberg and Cheung are phenomenal together. Having to wait two months in between issues is hard but with each new one, you forget all about it. We still have two issues left and the way things progress here, I can't imagine how it can get any more insane.