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Avengers Annual #1 - Part Two


Continuing from NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL where Wonder Man and his team of Revengers brutally attacked the Avengers Mansion. Bendis and Dell'Otto show us how the other Avengers will react.

What happens when a former Avenger gets pissed at the current team? We saw Wonder Man deliver quite a message and now it's (finally) time to see the response.

The Good

It's unfortunate that Wonder Man has attacked his former teammates twice. The first time (in AVENGERS #1 & 2) caused minimal damage but after gathering a team of Revengers, the Avengers Mansion was destroyed the Avengers there got their butts handed to them. Needless to say, Steve Rogers and the other Avengers were not happy.

This is where we start to see what it means to actually be an Avenger. They're not going to sit back and let this personal attack slide by. Bendis does a great job setting the characters up and Gabriele Dell'Otto's art does a superb job in capturing that anger. Things escalate big time when the stage is set for the confrontation between the Avengers and Revengers. It almost feels like we're seeing the Avengers in a way we haven't seen before.

The Bad

There is a note on the first page that "this story takes place before FEAR ITSELF #1." I can understand that comics can get delayed. The fact that the first part of this story was released back in September (and before a major event which has already wrapped up), takes a little away from it.

One of the problems with the New Avengers Annual and this is Wonder Man's motivations. As Beast puts it to his former best friend, "I'm praying to God that you--that you are under someone else's control." Wonder Man is angry. We get a little insight into why. It feels very extreme and out of character. Where did this all come from? It could be that this story isn't over and we will find out soon. I'd like to believe that Bendis has something brewing here.

The Verdict

The Avengers finally get to react to the attack by Wonder Man (and his team of Revengers) on the Avengers Mansion. The unfortunate delay (not sure why it took four months) takes a little of the oomph away. But the story we get is great. We now know what it takes to piss off the Avengers. Dell'Otto's art depicts this nicely and seeing their reaction is great. You'll definitely want a ring side seat for this fight. The story might be over but you get the feeling that Bendis still has more up his sleeve.