Comic Vine Review


Avengers A.I. #6 - Initiate: Chapter 6


Ah, sit back and enjoy another savory issue of AVENGERS A.I. There's so much to enjoy and it's light on the calories (but heavy on the fun and action).

The Good

Have I mentioned how much I dig this series? I have a deep respect for AVENGERS, NEW AVENGERS and SECRET AVENGERS but I love where this book is situated in the Marvel Universe. Sam Humphries is making Hank Pym an interesting character once again. As a follow up to one of the events from AGE OF ULTRON (remember that?), we're seeing Hank involved in some cool things and we're getting all sorts of cool characters on his 'team.'

Aside from this team of Avengers, we're seeing a different side of SHIELD, which is intriguing in itself. There is a secret war going on (not like the ones we had in the past) and the more we see of Maria Hill, the more she makes the perfect director for SHIELD.

For so many robotic characters, we're seeing a lot of emotion. Wait until you see the conversation between Hank and Vision. And of course, how could you not love Doombot?

If you want action, Valerio Schiti delivers a fight scene unlike any you've seen before. Or maybe like several very cool ones. You might not look at Vision the same way after this.

The Bad

No complaints. This series is such a delight.

The Verdict

Have you been reading AVENGERS A.I.? This is an Avengers title unlike any you've seen before. Humphries is giving us something unique and I just can't look away. I was unsure about some of the character involved but each has their own level of charm and are evolving more and more with each issue. Valerio Schiti's art is great and he really gets to cut loose in this issue. Do yourself a favor and read this series. It's as smooth as butter and spicy enough satisfy your reading desires.