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Avengers 1959 #1 - Part 1 of 5


Time to go back to the late 50s with those Avengers from 1959. With a questionable team roster, how Nick Fury can keep this team from killing each other is half the fun. Fans of Howard Chaykin are in for a treat as he provides the writing and the art.

The team you never thought could survive each other is back in their own miniseries. The question remains if they can work together long enough to confront the threat against them.

The Good

While I'm not a fan of a secret history suddenly being revealed and inserted into regular continuity, the idea of this team of 'Avengers' forming in 1959 was a fun part of the recent 'New Avengers' storyline. Nick Fury essentially gathered a team of mercenaries who could barely stand each other to fight against a Nazi threat. Having characters like Sabretooth and Kraven the Hunter together felt like a forced idea but Brian Michael Bendis made the idea work. Now Howard Chaykin, the artist on the previous story, is back handling both art and writing duties.

The story picks up after the previous one. The interaction/hatred between some of the characters is what makes the book fun. Kraven and Sabretooth can't stand each other and any time they're on the same page, things are going to explode.

With their previous mission over, how could there possibly be a miniseries following? It would have to be something big, right? There's the hook for the series. I can't wait to see where this series is going to take us.

The Bad

I actually had a discussion about Howard Chaykin's art in the comic shop when I picked this up. I always respect an artist with a strong style of their own. There's just something about it that doesn't sit well with me. The characters are always smiling too much and sometimes appear to have puffy cheeks. Other than that, it continues to set the mood for the time period with these characters.

Probably the weirdest member to me is Sabretooth. While he can be a class-A jerk, he acts too...nice. This must have been during a moment in his life he was in more a civil state of mind. And despite liking the idea of this team, I'm not completely sold on them using the name 'Avengers' years before Iron Man, Thor, etc formed their team.

The Verdict

When I reviewed one of the New Avengers issue with this group of 'Avengers' from 1959, I stated that I would absolutely love to see more. That's what we get here. This is a team that isn't a team. Most of them can't stand each other and they are only in it for the money. Seeing what could possibly bring the team back together is what will make this an enjoyable series. I'm not the biggest Howard Chaykin fan in regards to his art but the story hooks you in and his style fits the mood of the time period. I'm still a little hesitant with the team calling themselves 'Avengers' years before the Avengers we know formed. But bring on the secret action that we never knew happened before. Something big is happening for the team to need to get back together and you know the action is going to get intense.