Comic Vine Review


Astonishing X-Men #58


Warbird continues her quest to find out about an ancient alien race along with the truth about herself.

The Good

When Warbird first appeared as Kid Gladiator's bodyguard, I didn't think too much of her. It was strange that Kid Gladiator was forced to leave the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning by his father but even more strange was Warbird having to stay behind. Whatever the reason, we owe some thanks for this happening.

As part of Marjorie Liu's X-Men team, Warbird has become a fascinating character. She may be a fierce warrior but we've been seeing there's more to her than that. The glimpses we've seen of her past and this current story further illustrates this.

While trying to uncover the truth of an alien artifact from a race the Shi'ar destroyed eons ago, Warbird discovers some more about herself as well. While she mostly acts on her own in this story, her teammates do come in at the right moment. The state of the X-Men is a little strange in this Marvel NOW! period but it's great that this series has managed to avoid getting relaunched and still retains the feel that Liu has given it. The action here is far enough removed from the rest of the Marvel Universe to give it a nice isolated feel rather than the characters feeling bogged down but continuity from the other multiple titles. If this book can continue to operate in this fashion, I won't be complaining about having yet another X-Men title to keep up with.

Phil Noto delivers another great cover.

The Bad

Gabriel Hernandez Walta's art is interesting. I did like the style at time but there were also moments where it felt a little lacking. Some panels could have benefited from a little more detail in the backgrounds. There was also a couple times two different characters (Wolverine was one of them) were yelling and the expression made them look a little silly. It was these moments that caused slight distractions while reading.

The Verdict

With so many different X-Men titles it's great to see that Marjorie Liu's title has remained untouched. Warbird's introduction pretty much went unnoticed as far as I was concerned but the way Marjorie Liu's developed her in this series has been great. This story focusing on her has been great in fleshing her out even further. We don't see a lot of the rest of the team but you still feel their presence. There is a different sort of feel with these characters compared to the other X-titles. Let's hope this title can stay in its little corner of the X-universe. The art has an interesting style but there were some moments it became a little distracting. This isn't the end of Warbird's story. It's just the beginning.