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Ash vs Evil Dead #107 - Fire in the Hole


Ash, Pablo, and Kelly get are joined by another and prepare to get some serious firepower to use against the Evil Dead.

Note: There will be spoilers below!

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Ash, Pablo, and Kelly are now joined by Fisher. They’re out in the wilderness going to visit Ash’s friend, Lem, who he talked to at the diner about getting some weapons from his militia friends. They discover a massacre at the militia’s base. They know there’s no hope for the one remaining survivor but they’re want to try to get some answers.

They’re interrupted when other militia men storm in and shoot guy. They’re all on edge. Something happened to Lem when he returned from the diner. His eyes were all white and he started tearing people apart. They blame it on “Big Brother” putting something in their water supply. One of the men recognizes Amanda from when he was in lock up. They’re now thinking the must be the government checking in on their experiment.

They decide to leave. Kelly and Pablo make it out but Ash and Amanda get handcuffed and get locked up. Ash takes advantage of the situation as they try looking for another way out by hitting on Amanda. She apologizes for listing to Ruby. Ash asks who she is and Amanda explains. It turns out Lem is locked up down with them. He’s obviously been transformed into a Deadite.

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Back at Brujo's climbing out of the ashes of the funeral pyre. Ruby makes her way to the diner and takes her car.

Kelly and Pablo try to figure out a way to stay away from the militia guys and get to Ash and Amanda. Pablo wonders how Kelly knew she wanted a flamethrower right away. He doesn’t know who he is or what kind of weapon guy he is. Kelly pretends to be helpless so they can get the drop on a militia guy to get his gun. It works but then it turns out there’s another guy behind them.

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Kelly is tied in the back of the truck when another militia guy arrives in a gas mask and kills the other two guys. Pablo is able to get the truck started even though his wrists are bound. With the Deadite hanging on the back of the truck, Pablo eventually manages to smash him against a tree. Kelly then decides Pablo should take the gas mask off to use as a disguise. He’s a little squeamish since it’s covered with his blood. As he makes his move to take it, Lem is still alive. Kelly tries shooting it with an automatic rifle but it has a lot of kick to it. They finally kill him and Pablo gets covered in blood.

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Amanda decides to try to lure Lem to them. He comes and a fight begins. There’s an added danger as Lem has a bunch of kerosine and lit flares. Once they take care of Lem, Ash and Amanda start flirting and getting really close. They’re about to kiss when Kelly finds them.

The militia guys are all tied up and they start gathering up weapons. Another Deadite starts moving towards them and he’s taken out in style by Kelly, Pablo, and Amanda. Now it’s time to head to the cabin. Ash makes a nice speech about how they all have a special place in his heart. They laugh it off and keep walking. Turnign around, they soon realize Ash is gone.

Ash’s hand has made it to the cabin already.

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This episode really had a different feel to it. There's still the matter of fighting Deadites but being in the Militia's base gave us a different setting. With Amanda joining Ash and friends, it allowed them to get split up and still drive the story forward. Pablo and Kelly got to have their own subplot with Ash and Amanda trying to survive against Lem and get to know each other as well.

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The conversation between Pablo and Kelly was fun. Pablo is really trying to figure out who he is. He brings up a good point about what your go-to weapon of choice might be. Even though they were in the middle of a tense situation, it added some levity to the show.

For a Deadite, Lem didn't feel like the average Deadite. He had a little more of a personality to him. Trying to deal with him allowed Ash and Amanda to get closer. It didn't seem like something that would actually happen but we have to remember that even though Ash seems like he might be a bit of a loser, he also oozes out the charm.

What the heck is going on with Ruby? We obviously knew she was going to survive getting thrown into the fire last time but there's clearly way more to her than we thought.

Ash is maturing through all this. He truly cares about the others and doesn't want them to get hurt. They've been a big help but he knows the cabin is bad news. We know they'll all find each other again but him trying to leave without them shows some growth within him.

Favorite line when the militia guy has Kelly tied up:

"I'm going to get you pregnant later."
"Won't your sister get jealous?"

Ash vs Evil Dead is a blast to watch every week. It's so over the top and fun. The half hour format makes it move quickly (sometimes too quickly) but the pacing in this week's episode was perfect. We're seeing Ash's team continue to bond and Ash is actually growing as a person. Ash heading back to the cabin should be pretty epic and now that we're seeing more of Ruby's true colors, there's no telling what's going to happen next. This show is everything I could want from the franchise.