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Archie Vs. Predator #1 - When You Wish Upon A Star


It's even better than you hoped it would be.

The Good

Archie and the gang are about to meet a Predator. It sounds pretty absurd but this issue makes it work completely. Taking a different route from AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, Fernando Ruiz's art style fits closer to the traditional Archie feel. Being no stranger to drawing ARCHIE comics, it makes perfect sense. The idea of the meeting of these two world might seem hard to grasp but Alex de Campi makes it work.

The set up is pretty simple. It's Spring Break and the gang gets the opportunity to spend some time vacationing in Costa Rica. With the arrival of a strange ship from the stars out in the jungle, you can imagine where the story is going to go.

As with AFTERLIFE, there is a strange feeling when reading. Aside from the potential bloodbath that may occur, there are other subtle additions to the dialogue to remind you this isn't the typical Archie comic. The characters behave just a tiny bit more...mature. But throughout it all, it has a strong Archie feeling that makes the meshing of these two franchises. Archie still has one thing (or is it two?) on his mind, Jughead is still hungry, and Reggie is still an ass. The inclusion of Cheryl Blossom and her brother gives the story another set of antagonists as the true threat begins to show itself.

Adding to Fernando Ruiz's art and Rich Koslowski's inks is Jason Millet's colors. If you've ever read or seen an Archie comic before, you will believe this is a regular issue.

The Bad

This does not impact the rating at all but hopefully the comic will be carefully shelved in comic shops away from the regular ARCHIE books. With AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, it's clear that it's a different type of book. Aside from, what should make it obvious, a Predator on the cover, it does look like a regular book with the logo and price display.

The Verdict

Archie and the world of Predators. It's almost hard to believe this is real. One might expect a pure parody with the two combining but that is not the case. Alex De Campi, Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, and Jason Miller make it work completely. Capturing the essence of ARCHIE comics and giving some minor tweaks, the story is a natural meshing between the two franchises. The first issue shows us there will be blood but it also won't be an over the top slaughterfest. At least not yet. If you have any interest in the Archie characters or Predator, you'll want to check this out. This book is a brilliant execution (no pun intended).