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Archie #656 - Here Comes Harper! Review


Veronica's cousin comes to Riverdale and there's something unique about her.

The Good

Veronica's cousin, Harper, visits Riverdale. Harper is different from Veronica in many ways. She's not pushy; she's sweet and accepting. They're similar because they both like fashion (Harper is actually a fashion designer). She even has her own advice column while her identity is kept secret. What makes her special is she does all this from a wheelchair. Even though she has a disability, it doesn't change her personality and everyone feels welcome around her.

Unlike some, she is not disturbed by questions about her and her wheelchair. She's not ashamed of having a disability and thinks of it as encouragement to her brain because it makes her "think outside the box." We get to see the different ways how people perceive Harper and her wheelchair, but she shows them she's not limited by her disability. What surprised me was how she stood up to Veronica when she got a little pushy. I liked how Reggie was really nice to her because he's normally not so welcoming.

A good thing about introducing Harper in ARCHIE comics is that it shows a person with a disability can important. They can do what others can do. They learn how to adapt to living like that.

I really like Dan Parent's art. I read a lot of ARCHIE comics with his art and I'm just used to seeing it in ARCHIE comics. I like that Harper is a fashion designer and she wore a lot of cool and pretty dresses.

The Bad

The message of someone with a disability is important, but it was a little bit too much. It was a little forceful and brought up the message a lot. It was the point of the story but it was focused on too much.

The Verdict

There's a new character in Riverdale. Harper has a disability, but she shows that everyone is important. Just because someone has a wheelchair, it doesn't mean they're not a regular person. It was a great message, but it was a little forceful at times. I have a cousin in a wheelchair so it's nice to see a character in one brought into ARCHIE comics. I hope we see more of Harper in future issues.

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@g_man: No, I'm sorry I didn't make that clear in my original post. I just went off what I read in the review "I liked howReggie was really nice to her because he's normally not so welcoming" and someones comment "except for being in a wheelchair, she is practically perfect in every other way to the point that even the series eternal antagonist Reggie is nice to her?"

Didn't mean to seem like an ignorant ass!

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Great review! Future journalist in-the-making, perhaps?

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@g_man: honestly, this is written better than most people my age can do... well said. Good job on the parenting.

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@g_man: @iaconpoint:

I haven't read the issue but it sounds like Reggie is nice to her because she's an awesome person and not because she's in a wheelchair.

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@jjdajetplane223: I'm curious, did you read it? Because that is absolutely not the reason Reggie is nice to her. So far from it.

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Offensive issue. The series antagonist is nice to her just because she's in a wheelchair? Next we'll have an issue that deals with why black people are okay.

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So, except for being in a wheelchair, she is practically perfect in every other way to the point that even the series eternal antagonist Reggie is nice to her? Lame. Just once I'd like to see a character like this introduced within the context of the story, rather than through a press release touting why she's "DIFFERENT AND SPECIAL!" Pandering is the lowest form of storytelling.

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So she's a cool kid in a wheel chair?..... pass.

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I give this review 5 out of 5!

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"Lil G-Girl" I love that :)

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By the way, good review!

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Good review Skye!

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