Comic Vine Review


Archie #629 - Rock N' Roll All Fright!


Riverdale is full of lame and boring zombies! What can Kiss and the Riverdale gang do to stop it?

Archie has been turned into a zombie, but luckily Kiss is there to change him back!

The Good

Yes, I'm reviewing this book again, and I will continue to do so until this story line is completed. I'm also reviewing it because I love it. It's an incredibly solid book that has something for the kids, but also caters to adults. The more adult humor isn't adult humor as more mature. It's just references only adult would get, so there's no reason to be weary about whether or not you can read this with someone younger.

The gang finds out they have to destroy the Dynasty Amulet (I don't care what anyone says, Dynasty is a solid Kiss album), and the person in possession of it is Frankenstein, who is at the school with the rest of the monsters.

Things are starting to come to a close in this issue, since ARCHIE 630 is the last one of this story. I loved the jokes in this issue, especially everything the vampire said. But the most important thing is that I learned some real life lessons from this issue.

Awesome things I learned from this issue:

1. Monsters hate Kiss' music; therefore, if you hate Kiss' music, you are a monster.

2. The lyrics to "Black Diamond," when sung correctly, make a flying magic Ankh appear.

3. Kevin Keller loves the song "Shout it out loud."

Oops... almost forgot to mention how amazing the variant covers have been! Francesco Francavilla does an amazing job on these covers. You have to check them out.

The Bad

I'm not too familiar with the Riverdale universe, but up until this issue, I knew who everyone was. I'm not sure why everyone in the book makes a big deal when Kevin Keller comes in. Who is this guy? I'm aware of his existence, but why is everyone making a big deal about him?

The Verdict

I'm still loving this story line, and for the first time in my life, loving an Archie comic. Sure, a gimmick is what got me to pick the book up, but the it's a really enjoyable gimmick, and I would keep reading if I didn't care for it. I love the story and how it evolves through this issue, and I thought the comedy aspect of the book was spot-on. I also learned some great life lessons that I will take with me to the grave. The only thing I didn't like was the pure excitement everyone showed for Kevin Keller. I have no clue who this guy is, but I know everyone else in this book. Am I missing something?