Comic Vine Review


Archie #3


Veronica Lodge has arrived in Riverdale and Archie's life will never be the same.

Things are continuing to shape up in this re-introduction to the folks in Riverdale. Mark Waid and Fiona Staples have been doing an amazing job capturing the essence of the ARCHIE characters and presenting them in a different, yet completely familiar, fashion.

Where we're at in the story is Archie and Betty have broken up over something only referred to as the "lipstick incident." While we sit in anguish over what could have possibly happened, last issue saw the arrival of Veronica Lodge. As with the other characters, this is the Veronica we know but she's also being presented in a different and slightly modern way. We're getting some nice character development with the characters getting fleshed out which gives the residents of Riverdale a more genuine feel.

The ARCHIE characters have always had a timeless feel to them. Waid is writing them with a modern twist yet they're still true to who they're supposed to be. The same goes for Staples' amazing art. I wasn't sure how the series would be with non-traditional "Archie" art but each issue makes you sigh like a school kid with a crush. It's not often I'll immediately re-read a comic as soon as I finish it. You get a bonus "classic" story to enjoy as well.

The ultimate test was with the biggest Archie fan/critic I know--my daughter. She was highly skeptical when she first heard and saw what was coming. While she continues to devour each digest issue that comes out, this is the comic she'll occasionally ask out of the blue, "When is the next issue coming out?"

Regardless if you've never read an Archie comic before or if you're a long time fan, Mark Waid and Fiona Staples' ARCHIE is such a delightful read. With a great mixture of of the core essence of the characters combined with a fresh and modern twist, it's easy to see why this title has risen to the top of our reading lists. Forget what you know about the Archie characters or embrace it all. Either way, you're going to dig this series.