Comic Vine Review


Archie #1


Thoughts from a 12-year-old Archie Comics reader.

At first I was a bit skeptical that anyone could restart ARCHIE Comics; but after reading the first issue, all feelings of doubt vanished. The story was full of secrecy and it thoroughly intrigued me.

From the beginning, I recognized everyone's personality to be exactly the same. Kevinwas energetic, Jughead was partial to food, and Betty was kind.

I felt the plot worked very nicely and made a lot of sense. I think I might recognize what will happen next in the story. I can't wait to read more.

I was surprised by the art, but I enjoyed how modern it looked. I thought that the characters resembled teenagers I might see today. I really approved of the way Fiona Staples drew the people's facial expressions. In my opinion, she did an amazing job with the art.

In conclusion, I think this comic is something that people of almost any age can enjoy. I am very excited for this and can't wait to read the next issues.