Comic Vine Review


Aquaman #5 - Lost


Aquaman is lost in the desert, and a new enemy attacks the coast.

Aquaman learns the secret behind an ancient Atalantian artifact and becomes lost in the desert after fighting off a new villain. This artifact reveals secrets about who or what put Atlantis into the sea.

The Good

Man, this book is my favorite of the new 52. This book and Scott Snyder's Batman are the two best on-going books from any company. Yep, I said it.

In this issue, Aquaman ends up in the desert after fighting off some baddies while looking at an ancient Atlantian artifact. While in the desert, he learns the artifact is a message from the ancient Atlantians. They say they found an enemy in the trench and they plan on sinking Atlantis. Does this mean the Trench has been around a lot longer than anyone thought? I hope so. It's a lot of set up, but it's all dynamite storytelling, and what this issue does best is leave open so many unanswered questions about Aquaman's and Atlantis' history.

We also get a bit of conversation between Aquaman an a hallucination with his father. Each week, Aquaman, a character many people considered to be worthless, becomes deeper, more personable, and more enjoyable to the average reader, and the conversation with Aquaman's father really makes the Atlantian king more relate-able to the average land dweller reader. Pretty cool stuff.

The four opening pages of this issue are paced, composed, and drawn to perfection. Ivan Reis has been phenomenal thus far on the book, and these four pages, where Aquaman falls to the Earth and realized where he is, really shines through. The second and third pages are a nice two-page splash which really sets the tone for the rest of the issue.

The Bad

The only thing I can say I didn't like about this issue was that it is all set-up for the upcoming story line. It's not bad, by any means, but it did drag a little. In my eyes, it was all necessary.

I also hated the cover. That's all I've got

The Verdict

Super-awesome, amazing, fantastic, and other positive adjectives book! This book keeps getting better and better, and it's become one of my favorite on-going comic books from any company. I loved the story in this issue and how we get to see more of where Atlantis came from. Plus, Aquaman becomes more relate-able after a conversation with his father. Lastly, I thought the four opening pages to this book were pure perfection. The only real problems I had with the issue was it did kind of drag at one point and I despised the cover. Other than that, it was pure perfection reading. I highly IGHLY recommend this book!