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Aquaman #30 - Fallen Review


Aquaman battles a clearly insane Hercules.

The Good

The real winner of this issue happens during the scenes featuring Mera, where she's being hunted by some assassins. How these guys plan on taking down Mera is even cooler and something I don't think we've seen before in an Aquaman book. I could be wrong though, and usually, I am. The overall battle with Mera and her surprise ally is quick and brutal. Parker does a good job at having the character's personalities come out in their fighting styles.

The actual battle between Hercules and Aquaman is fun, which is exactly the type of writing you'd come to expect with Jeff Parker. He gives the battle a nice little twist as the reader comes to realize that Hercules isn't of the right mind and the reason why is pretty fantastic.

As weird as this may sound, at first, the idea of Hercules being in this book was awful, but now that we're through this story, it actually works out pretty well. It all ties back to Atlantis, and believe it or not, it feels like it makes Atlantians a truer part of the DC Universe.

The Bad

All-in-all, it's an alright issue, but it leaves the reader wanting more with what's going on with the Triton Base. In total, the Triton Base story appears for a grand total of one page here. It's a huge letdown, since this is really the story worthy of the book.

The actual issue doesn't really lead anywhere at the end, except to a team-up readers can expect in the Annual issue in the upcoming months, which is a team up between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

It really comes down to the fact that as a longtime Aquaman fan, this issue is just a bit disappointing. There's a lot of good stuff going on within Parker's arc, thus far, but the actual focus just doesn't have the winning combination to win over fans. This has nothing to do with who was on the series last. We're in Parker's arc and it's good, but not great, and there's a lot of potential for great here.

The Verdict

It's a bit of a middle-of-the-road issue. While the fight scenes are a ton of fun here, the issue doesn't really progress any form of actual story. What fans will want to read is all pushed onto the first page of the issue and the end of #30 is a team-up set-up for the upcoming annual, which from the looks of it, won't be anything too exciting. This is not a bad issue, but it's just not winning me over. I give this issue a mild recommendation.