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Aquaman #3 - The Trench, Part Three


This issue features Aquaman fighting hordes of savage cannibalistic sea creatures, a look into his past and plenty of action and butt-kicking. This series continues to impress.

DC Comics, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis continue their crusade to prove to the comic reading public just how incredibly cool Aquaman is.

The Good

Last issue Aquaman was called into town after an attack by savage sea creatures and soon came face to face with them. This issue opens up with a flashback to Arthur's youth but quickly jumps straight into the action. And let's be clear that there is a lot of action. These cannibalistic creatures don't hold back and with their claws and teeth, there is plenty of blood flying around.

Not only do we get to see Aquaman in action but Mera is also shown to be more than capable of taking on this horrific threat. When the battle is over, it's what happens next that makes the story get even more interesting. A visit to someone from Aquaman's past opens a door that we will hopefully revisit soon.

Geoff Johns has stated many times how much he digs Aquaman and it shows. That isn't to say the character is being written in a biased way. Aquaman does what he needs to and just happens to be a badass while doing it. Ivan Reis' art is truly a sight to be seen. The action scenes are incredible. The way the action is depicted and the effects added make it a visual treat as well. Rod Reis' colors are phenomenal as well. The sun setting on the ocean is a beautiful panel.

The Bad

Nothing really. Some of the 'authorities' were a bit of a jerk with Aquaman. That's about it.

The Verdict

Aquaman has been consistently good. This is Aquaman as he should be written. Also, it's not just issues of Aquaman kicking butt left and right, there's a genuine great story going on. The introduction of the Trench last issue and this issue is setting the stage for a grand adventure. The ocean is a vast area and you can only imagine what other unknown creatures might be out there waiting to be discovered. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis are the perfect team for this book and Aquaman has moved to the top of the reading list each month when it's released. There's plenty of fun, adventure, violence and mystery to satisfy every comic reader.