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Apocalypse Al #1 Review


Alison Carter isn't your ordinary private detective... she specializes in preventing the end of the world.

The Good

This debut issue of J. Michael Straczynski's latest mini-series is all about the world building. Yes, Alison Carter is our lead and narrates from scene to scene while dropping quips, but it's the supernatural elements all around her which make this premiere issue appealing. Sure, we've all seen "end of the world" scenarios a thousand times before and we've seen supernatural detectives just as many, if not more. However, the writer clearly aims to have a blast with the premise instead of offering yet another serious approach to it. From a zombie detective to a prophet with a tinfoil hat, Straczynski does a fine job filling this world with fun and promising characters. He makes sure to top it all off with an attention grabbing hook, too.

Sid Kotian's art offers a consistent level of quality but really shines when the abstract comes into play. All of the supernatural elements look solid. The level of gruesome detail with Mike is commendable and Max's exaggerated facial expressions do a wonderful job bringing the anxious nature of his character and sillier tone of the scene to life. Also consistent is Bill Farmer's coloring, but it truly stands out when he's able to illuminate the city.

The Bad

We never really have much of a reason to care about the lead. Sure, she loves to joke, but she's unfortunately the least interesting part of this issue, and that's a shame because she's the one providing paragraphs upon paragraphs of dialogue. Also, there's a lot of jokes tossed around in this issue, but only a handful of them delivered for me.

The Verdict

We've seen the supernatural detective story a million times before, but Straczynski's able to create a pretty unique and fun premise with this one. The jokes may not be consistently strong and the story isn't all that compelling at the moment, but he's able to create an alluring world and ends it on a note that's likely to make you want to see what'll happen next. It's certainly an interesting start for this limited series and, for $2.99, I'll return to see where he takes us next.