Comic Vine Review


Animal Man #11 - Extinction is Forever, Conclusion: Animal Man Vs. Animal Man


Buddy returns from the Red, but can he save his son?

The Good

I've been reading this book from the start, and I've been reviewing it on and off since then as well, and my favorite thing about this book is the feel of it. It feels a lot like a great Vertigo book, but it has the reach of a regular DC book. Essentially, it's a gateway drug... to Vertigo books.

There's a big transformation for this character in this issue. By the end of the issue, Buddy Baker and his powers are a bit different, but for the better. I love how in the past 11 issues this character has completely changed, but it doesn't feel like it's a betrayal to the character as a whole.

Alberto Ponticelli's art is fantastic here and I'm loving these character designs, as well as some of the things he added to Buddy in this issue. I'm feeling very good with him taking over the art especially after seeing page three which is a full splash with these creators remaking Buddy Baker that is incredibly disturbing. He has some amazing looking designs in this issue that I don't want to give away, but I would buy this book for the art alone... having Jeff Lemire's writing on it as well is a giant plus in my book. I don't want to leave Lemire out because he's done such amazing work with this series so far.

Bittersweet conclusion as this issue/story ends. I feel relieved with how this smaller story ends, but the overall, larger story seems to be continuing on. I love how there's a larger event going on that the reader has to keep up with and not everything is wrapped up in a nice little 6-issue package.

The Bad

My only real problem with this issue is the same thing I like about it. Because the story continues on and on, there's no real good jumping-on point for this book. Luckily, we're only 11 issues in, so you can still pick up the trade for the first 6 issues.

The Verdict

This should be a pull on everyone's pull list because it breaks the mold from the contemporary comic mold. It's different and it stands about because it's done so well. It has that great Vertigo feeling using a great, re-invented DC character. There's a big transformation for Buddy in this issue that completely changes everything about him. I'm very excited to see this continue. Ponticelli's art is fantastic and his creature designs are very disturbing. It's a great story, but a hard one to jump on to. Overall, I highly recommend this series and this issue.