Comic Vine Review


Animal Man #10 - Extinction is Forever, Part Two: Warriors of the Redlands


Buddy "Butter" Baker has traveled to the Red for answers. Constantine, Xanadu, and Zatanna explain to the rest of the Baker clan that they are in danger.

The Good

The first thing you'll notice is that the only place you'll see Animal Man's regular artist, Travel Foreman, is on the cover. Steve Pugh takes the reigns on this issue, and the last one, and does a stellar job. While in past issues, I didn't like it when Foreman and Pugh split duties in a single issue, I do like Pugh's work on his own. His work fits the tone of the book extremely well, and Pugh's strong-points are the depth of emotion he puts into character's faces.

It may be a small moment, but seeing Buddy smash rottlings was incredibly satisfying, especially with everything he's had to put up with since the start of this series. The second page has an awesome panel of Buddy punching the heck out of one of them.

If you read the Annual issue, then you get a little bit of repeated info on how the Green, Red, and Rot work and the balance of them all. It's another character's interpretation of it, and it's info that Buddy needs to know. It's a small moment that moves the story along well. I love how in depth this world is becoming and how it ties into Swamp Thing.

This issue leaves off at a very weird place. Well, it's Animal Man, so it's going to be weird, but the events at the end of issue 10 leave Buddy in a weird place. Let's just say issue 11 is going to be very interesting.

The Bad

It's a big set-up issue. Two separate stories, which eventually will come together are the focus, and while the stories themselves are good, it slows down the pace of the overall book, in this issue.

The Verdict

Next time you bump into Jeff Lemire, high five him for this amazing comic. While this issue was a lot of set up told through two different stories that dragged just a tiny bit, it was overall a great read. Steve Pugh does a great job on this issue and you'll notice he's great with facial expressions. There were a couple stand out scene I loved here, including Buddy smashing some rottlings.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue and this series. You can still catch up, if you haven't read anything yet, by buying the first trade paperback (issues 1-6) at your LCS or on the internet.