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Angel & Faith #1 - Live Through This, Part One


The 'ninth' season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer begins. Picking up after the chaotic ending of Season 8, Angel and Faith band together to try to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess left since we last saw everyone.

Buffy fans can rejoice as the Season 9 unofficially begins. After the crazy revelation of Angel's betrayal and the deaths during Buffy Season 8, we now get to see what has been happening since.

The Good

The end of Season 8 was pretty insane. We were left with a feeling that nothing would ever be the same. We see some closure in Angel trying to make amends for the evil things he did while under the influence of Twilight (no, not the movies or novels).

Let's just put it out there, for those that haven't read Season 8. This is mentioned in the recap on the inside cover. Angel killed Giles. Angel was living with guilt before over the things he'd done in the past. Now he has even more to deal with. Teaming with Faith is something that fans will totally dig.

The series is being 'executive produced' by Joss Whedon but it's Christos Gage that wrote it. The characters do sound like they should. They do have the same voice they've had in the last series and TV show. Rebekah Isaacs' art fits with Georges Jeanty's and, more importantly, the characters look like they did on the show. Too many times comic adaptations have unrecognizable attempts at capturing the actors' likeness.

The story picks up where Season 8 ended. The overall mission works out smoothly to set up the series' direction. It's a nice set up but the real kicker is what happens towards the end. Things are about to get nuts.

The Bad

Angel trying to make amends for killing Giles could get too...emo quickly. With what we're seeing here, that doesn't appear to be the case. There's some big things coming and this series could easily go in either direction. The story set up of Giles having several on going cases in his journal could be interesting but what we want is big action with ties the series and not a bunch of random cases. That is an interesting premise but we expect more from this franchise.

The Verdict

This marks the beginning of the next phase in the Buffy universe. Finding out what Angel and Faith have been up to since Season 8 ended. Angel has always had to live with the bad things he did as Angelus and the end of Season 8 added more evil deeds under his belt. Angel has a lot to atone for. Whether or not that will be the direction of this series remains to be seen. Christos Gage captures the voice of the characters. They all sound and act as Buffy fans would expect. Rebekah Isaacs' art captures the look (and essence) that we've come to expect in the series. The ending promises some big things coming and it's clear that this won't be a simple walk in the park for Angel and Faith.