Comic Vine Review


American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4 - Part Four


We have more than just 'American' vampires here as the action kicks up and the stakes are raised (and I don't mean the type of stake that's used to kill vampires, that would be too corny).

Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy continue to tell the story of Felicia and Cash as more information about other breeds of vampires are revealed. With the Nazi government about to kill them, is there any way they can survive and escape with the cure for vampirism?

The Good

Each month I dig American Vampire more and more. When it was first announced that we would have this miniseries along with the regular series, I have to admit I was a tiny bit skeptical. Was it really necessary to have two American Vampire series? The answer is, yes, of course. Focusing on Felicia and Cash, they both have strong reasons to discover whether or not the cure for vampirism is real. Risking everything, they are at the mercy of Nazi vampires. How crazy can things get?

Snyder is not one to gloss over details. We've already seen the birth of a new type of vampire with the American Vampires. What's great here is finding out more about other types of vampires. This just goes to show how immense this world potentially can be.

Felicia and Cash are your typical badass characters but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can't help but root for them and feel the need to want to see more. There's no telling how things will end for either. Just because they're the main characters doesn't mean they will survive until the end of the series.

Snyder has worked with some different artists on the regular series and Sean Murphy's art along with Dave Stewart's colors are simply amazing. Because I'm a fan of the original series and all the creators involved, it's no surprise at how much I dig this book.

The Bad

As part of a five-issue miniseries, clearly this isn't a great jumping on point. As we find out more facts on the other vampires in the beginning, it does almost have a different feel to it. But readers will want to know why our main characters are here and knowing their histories also helps to know their motivation.

The Verdict

It's an American Vampire book. I have not been let down so far. While the issue starts out a little light on the action, discovering more about other types of vampires and the hints to a bigger world of them boggles my mind. There's the potential for other miniseries focussing on the other types (but my wallet begs to please let this not be the case). Scott Snyder makes writing comics seem easy. He always has a big elaborate story going on and you can't help but wonder if the main characters will survive. Given their hard edge nature, it seems they can take on anything but I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder tried throwing us off. Of course Sean Murphy's art with Dave Stewart's colors are glorious. America Vampire has always been intriguing in terms of the story as well as with the art. This issue is no exception. The only problem would be for new readers. This is not the place to begin reading about the American Vampire world. It's also an unfortunate feeling that next issue will be the finale.