Comic Vine Review


American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #1 - Part 1 of 5


If you read past issues of AMERICAN VAMPIRE or this is your first, you'll be in for a treat as Scott Snyder teams up with Dustin Nguyen to give us a great take on vampires.

The Good

Where to begin? This AMERICAN VAMPIRE mini-series is by Scott Snyder and Dustin Nguyen. That's reason enough to check this out. Snyder's take on vampires has been great from the beginning. He has created a rich new world with different types of vampires along with various characters and organizations like the Vassals of the Morning Star.

Taking place during 1954, the story focus on Linden Hobbes, the leader of the Vassals. With the focus on him and Felicia Book, you know this series is going to deliver big time action. Just after this first issue, I'm not sure if I like the focus here or Skinner Sweet-related stories better.

I can still recall back before reading the first issue. I couldn't believe Vertigo was going forward with a new vampire series and that Stephen King was doing some of the writing. Little did I know what Scott Snyder was capable of creating. Like many, I had grown tired of the overexposure of vampires in the media but Snyder has created a spectacular and rich world where I can't get enough. I don't know how he can work on AMERICAN VAMPIRE and BATMAN and still have ideas for these mini-series. As long as they keep coming, I really don't need to know how he does it.

Nguyen is a great choice for this. I love seeing him work on a different genre. Snyder either has a lot of pull or has incredible luck with the talented artists he manages to get for each arc.

The Bad

It was a great first issue. I would absolutely love for this to be an ongoing series as well.

The Verdict

This is a mini-series by Scott Snyder and Dustin Nguyen set in Snyder's AMERICAN VAMPIRE universe. There really isn't much else to say. Focusing on the vampire hunting group, the Vassals of the Morning Star, we get a different focus for the series and the implications of what happens here is mind boggling for the series. I love the fact that Snyder somehow manages to write these AV mini-series while still delivering great stories in the main series as well as BATMAN. This series is an example of what Vertigo is about and knows how to do. It's a great issue and it's only the beginning.