Comic Vine Review


American Vampire #34 - The Gray Trader


It's time to rejoice and weep as this marks the final issue for now as the series goes into a brief hiatus. Snyder and Albuquerque are not holding back.

The Good

This issue just shows what Scott Snyder has created and is capable of with AMERICAN VAMPIRE. What starts off as an almost simple story quickly turns to one of twists, turns and suspense. With this story set in 1954, it's amazing to think back to how much has happened in these thirty-four issues and how much time has passed. As you read this story, it's not just the past you'll be thinking about. The series may be going on a hiatus but Snyder sets up a tease for future issues without making it feel like a blatant attempt to string us along.

The greatness of the story is taken further by Rafael Albuquerque's art. Thinking back about the issue, I wonder how the story would play out if it had been someone else handling the art. Thankfully that's not something we have to worry about. Albuquerque's art with Dave McCaig's colors fits Snyder's story perfectly. You feel as if Snyder and Albuquerque are completely on the same wavelength when it comes to bring the story to life. The story does feel like it rushes by but each page is enough to make you want to go back and look it over again.

The Bad

Of course the bad thing about this issue is it's the final issue for some time. We'll have to wait until Snyder is able to return to this series due to all his other writing assignments.

This is definitely NOT an issue to start reading for your first issue.

The Verdict

I hate the idea of this series going on hiatus. Because it is completely on Scott Snyder's terms, we simply have to accept it. It takes a wise person to know how much they are capable of without compromising the series if he tried to take on too much or get someone else to help out. Snyder's story with Albuquerque's art and McCaig's colors makes for a beautiful package. We get some glimpses of past and future events that will make you wonder and wait with anticipation for whatever may come next. There will be a void in my monthly reading without these series but perhaps it will give others the opportunity to catch up on the series if they hadn't been keeping up. It's been a great thirty four issues. Time for a breather as we prepare for the next chapter.