Comic Vine Review


American Vampire #33 - The Blacklist, Part Six of Six


Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque punch you in the gut with the finale to 'The Blacklist.'

The Good

Let's start off with the cover. It's such a simple concept but you immediately feel the emotion and hardship present. It's almost enough to put a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you prepare to open the comic.

The story has left off with vampire Pearl Jones fighting for her life and that of her human husband. With Henry at the mercy of another vampire and former friend of Pearl's, you'll find yourself slowly turning each page to avoid what might come next. You'll also be doing this to savor each page and panel.

When it's time for the confrontations, you can feel the anger and hatred oozing off the page. You'll know a big fight is coming up but there's a feeling of dread making you rethink turning the page.

Scott Snyder accomplishes a lot in this issue. He makes you care about what others might perceive as a monster. Is there a happy ending to this story arc? Obviously you'll have to read for yourself to find out. You will get punched in the gut with the sheer amount amount of emotion and the consequences of decisions that are made.

Rafael Albuquerque is amazing as always. I understand he can't draw every single issue but I'm so thankful he was part of this entire arc. As great as the story was, Albuquerque's art adds a different layer to the story. He and Snyder were meant to work together on these characters.

The Bad

The sinking feeling after you read this may not be a welcomed feeling but it's a sign of great storytelling. That's what I love about this series. I care about what happens to the characters.

The Verdict

Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque wrap up 'The Blacklist.' It's been a heavy arc with twists and turns. You'll find yourself not knowing what might happen on the next page and you'll definitely want to savor each one. AMERICAN VAMPIRE is more than just a comic about vampires. You'll want to read this because we get great stories each month. Albuquerque's art adds a special taste to the tale and you'll appreciate each scene. Dave McCaig's colors wrap up the entire package with a brilliant and lovely bow. I can't imagine what's coming up next. I actually don't want to know right now. I just want to take in what happened this issue and recuperate from the excitement and emotion.