Comic Vine Review


American Vampire #27 - The Nocturnes, Part 2 of 2


It's the conclusion of 'The Nocturnes.' There's a lot going on in Alabama and new developments over the existence of other types of vampires.

The Good

Scott Snyder has created several interesting characters in AMERICAN VAMPIRE. With a story taking place in Alabama in 1954, we've been following a story involving Calvin Poole, a soldier during WWII who was accidentally turned into an American Vampire. As a member of the Vassals of the Morning Star, there's so much he could be involved in and a story focused on him is a nice change of pace.

Last issue Calvin witnessed something different. It's these moments when Snyder adds a new layer of mystery to the mythos of vampires that makes this so much more than a simple vampire story. The inclusion of the Vassals as well keeps you on the edge of your seat as you can't help but wonder what Snyder is going to throw at us next. There's just so much to the world Snyder has created, it's no wonder we'll be getting another miniseries in June to go along with this series.

The final page has a great cliffhanger.

The Bad

What happened to the art? Part 1 had art by Roger Cruz but this issue, Part 2 of 2, had art by Riccardo Burchielli. The styles are different enough to be noticeable and disappointing. The vampire/action scenes just didn't seem detailed enough. Once the fangs came out and the blood was flying, there was just something missing.

The cover by Rafael Albuquerque was great. But having Pearl on the cover wasn't the best idea.

The Verdict

AMERICAN VAMPIRE continues to be a remarkable series. Scott Snyder has taken the idea of vampires and keeps adding new twists to the whole idea. Calvin Poole is a fascinating character and one that I'd love to see more of. Unfortunately there was a change in the art from Part 1 and it didn't feel as if it was on the same level as Roger Cruz's. We do have a great story and final page that just might leave your jaw on the floor.