Comic Vine Review


American Vampire #16 - Ghost War, Part 4


The best read and looking vampire comic you could read.

What happens when the main characters in an issue are locked up and being threatened by vampires? This could be the end for them.

The Good

Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque. Do I really need to say more? I should add Dave McCaig as well as his colors are equally amazing. It's amazing seeing Albuquerque's art before and after the coloring process (and would be a great 'special feature' in future issues or the next trade). The art is something that really needs to be looked at carefully and appreciated. The detail that goes into each is breathtaking.

Let's not forget about the story. "Ghost War" rages on with some twists and turns. Each time I review an issue of American Vampire, it's pretty much the same thing, "It's an awesome read." The reason it's the same thing because Snyder's writing is consistently top notch every single month. I feel like the guy eats magic writing beans because he's never let me down. American Vampire is a great different take on vampires with great pacing and great art.

The Bad

It's an interesting scenario having the characters locked up and waiting for their impending doom. A tiny bit more action would have been nice. The scenes are amazing but clearly it's all going to hit the fan next issue.

The Verdict

Are you reading American Vampire? If so, you know or will know that this will be a great issue. If you're not reading it, you should be shunned first of all. Then you should pick up the trades and check it out. Vampire adventures that are not your typical overdone stories. Scott Snyder's storytelling is meshed beautifully with Rafael Albuquerque's gorgeous art and Dave McCaig's brilliant colors. It's a great arc and it's going to get even crazier next issue.