Comic Vine Review


The Amazing Spider-Man #699 - Dying Wish: Outside the Box


After the crazy reveal last issue, find out more on how the heck it happened. Dan Slott continues with the madness that will make you happy you're reading this title.

This will be as spoiler-free as possible!

The Good

It's hard to believe it's only been two weeks since AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #698 landed with the big revelation about Peter Parker. What we know is Doc Ock is dying. He apparently only has hours to live but won't go without a fight. Spider-Man will not be the same after this.

After the revelation, the opening pages have a new meaning. Doc Ock's life is hanging in the balance and there is so much more at stake. The suspense Dan Slott is building adds a new intensity to the title. All the while, we can't help but wonder what else is he going to throw at us?

We've seen Spider-Man in sticky situations before but this is one unlike any he's been in before. He's at the mercy Doc Ock's plan and surrounded by his greatest enemies. This is where his intellect and abilities will be put to the test. It's a disturbing situation and one Spidey fans can't help but worry over, especially with issue #700 looming on the horizon (out in three weeks).

What we do find out is how and when Doc Ock's plan happened!

Humberto Ramos' art is great as he captures the current events along with some flashback scenes. There's a lot going here and a lot of familiar faces. It's always a treat to see Ramos' take on characters. The action heats up as Spider-Man has no choice in his next step.

The Bad

We get a tiny revelation about Aunt May. Too much information Dan!

There will likely be those questioning the logistics of Ock's plan. It is pretty much laid out here.

One inmate confiding in Doc Ock because he's on his deathbed seemed a little off. I assume something more will come out of this. Otherwise, it's a little weird even if it makes some sense.

The Verdict

Dan Slot continues to pack in the excitement and suspense while giving us some of the answers we've been looking for. You'll get sucked into the story and will almost forget that the series is ending in just one more issue. There's a lot riding on the events here and the feeling of absolutely not knowing how Slott will end this story is great. You'll be counting down the days until issue #700.

Note: Be sure to read ASM #700 BEFORE reading AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #15.1 on December 26!!