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The Amazing Spider-Man #697 - Danger Zone, Part Three: War of the Goblins


With the end of the series approaching there's no need to be sad with two Hobgoblins for the price of one.

The Good

Spider-Man pretty much always wins at the end of day, right? What makes this current fight different is Dan Slott is throwing a lot at him. The Kingpin got one of Peter's Horizon Labs coworkers to make a spider sense jamming device, which is really putting them on overload so he can't really concentrate on anything. He's also been abducted by Phil Urich, the current Hobgoblin (sort of) and has to fight without his costume and without revealing his secret identity. There's also the original (and best) Hobgoblin that came back to deal with Phil but is actually teaming up with him for the moment. And let's not forget that Julia Carpenter, the current Madame Web, has informed Peter that all sorts of poop is about to hit the fan.

For as long as Dan Slott has been writing, you can clearly see he's not running out of ideas. I didn't see Spider-Man having to fight TWO Hobgoblins coming. Making him figure out how to fight without his costume is something that has popped up before but this is happening at a new level. You'll also want to see the cool stuff that happens when Peter and Max end up in one of Norman's Goblin lairs and who Peter ends up calling.

There are seeds being planted here left and right. Tiny signs pointing to the return of Doc Ock (and whatever crazy/deadly final plan he has cooking). There is also a scene towards the end that really really can't be good news for Peter since it's being shown here.

I've had some issues with how Giuseppe Camuncoli draws Peter with his mask off. Apart from looking like he's wearing guy-liner, there is some great heavy duty action. Camuncoli does a great job. The scenes with the two Hobgoblins was great and you have to love the distinctive look each has.

The Bad

Nothing. I had a great time while reading this. I even read it a second time before reviewing.

The Verdict

Hobgoblin vs Hobgoblin vs Peter Parker. Talk about an exciting comic. Peter is in quite a mess and is probably hoping his series ended before this one. Dan Slott and Christos Gage have set up quite the story with Peter, stuck without being able to put on his costume to fight, going up against the Kingpin, the Hand and two Hobgoblins. Action, adventure and fun times are here. I should note that as a big Hobgoblin fan, this was a joy to read. There are a lot of seeds being planted, not just for the next few issues but beyond as well. Part of me is sad to know this series is ending but with Slott still on board for SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, you'll want to pay close attention to these final issues. What it comes down to is if you're looking for a really cool Spider-Man action-packed issue, this is it.