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The Amazing Spider-Man #679.1 - Morbid Curiosity


Time for another "Point One" issue. If you've been wondering what Spider-Man (and Peter Parker) have been up to lately, this issue will catch you up while bringing back a familiar character.

We've already had a "Point One" issue in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN but last time Venom hogged the spotlight. This time we get to see a focus on Horizon Labs and the mysterious "Number Six."

The Good

The "Point One" issues are meant to be a good jumping on point for new readers. That hasn't always been the case. In doing this type of issue, there has to be the right balance between making it accessible to new readers without boring regular readers with information they already know. With regular series writer, Dan Slott, and SCARLET SPIDER writer, Chris Yost, there shouldn't be any question as to whether or not this "Point One" issue will deliver.

Peter Parker has been working at his dream job at Horizon Labs. This has given him a source of income as well as supplies and sometimes a reason to develop new technology and gadgets to use as Spider-Man. With part of the focus on Uatu Jackson, we get that outsider approach to the series. This creates the way to bring in information for new readers to become familiar with.

Since Peter began working there, there was a mysterious coworker known only as "Number Six." His identity was revealed briefly during Spider-Island but we finally get a chance to dig deeper into the ramifications of his presence and also a way to reintroduce him to the series (it's been a while since he's appeared).

The Bad

I won't spoil who the mysterious person is, in case you missed it before, but when he's in his lab, it seemed strange that he would be wearing his traditional outfit. It's basically his costume but isn't necessary and comes across as a little silly.

The Verdict

It's hard to believe the "Point One" issues are still coming out. The idea of using this numbering system is unnecessary. The idea is for this to be a good jumping on point but you have to wonder how many 'new' readers would even be aware. Slapping a big "New Jumping On Point" on the cover would work better. In this issue's defense, it does serve to introduce new readers to the idea of Horizon Labs, the place Peter Parker now works. It's not all recap information for regular readers as we get more on the mysterious "Number Six" working at the lab (who we discovered his identity during Spider-Island). It's a fun issue and the action is self-contained. There are some developments and new plots created but after the previous two-part time travel story, it's more of a way for us to catch our breath. Dan Slott, Chris Yost and Matthew Clark deliver a Spider-Man story that new and old readers can easily enjoy.