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The Amazing Spider-Man #672 - Spider-Island, Part Six: Boss Battle


It's the end of Spider-Island is here and the big question is how will everything get resolved. Slott and Ramos pull out all the stops in the explosive finale. The story doesn't end here as there are repercussions that could follow.

The long running Spider-Man event comes to a conclusion. Almost everyone shows up to witness if this is the end of New York City in the Marvel Universe.

The Good

The battle we've been waiting for is finally here. The story has been so big that it feels like it's been more than six parts. It's nice to have a story with an 'event' feel involving a number of other characters yet readers of the other characters aren't necessarily forced to follow along.

There are many ways this story could end. Spider-Man and the heroes are facing a giant threat. We have a lot of firepower in terms of strength as well as plenty of brain power. We all know that simply trying to beat up the bad guys doesn't always work.

Spider-Island has opened the door to other issues. What is going to happen with Kaine? Why did Mary Jane develop spider-powers so late and what will that mean beyond this arc?

Slott does a great job tying everything together and Humberto Ramos' art frantically captures the chaos as all of New York City is a battleground.

The Bad

I have enjoyed the story but I've mentioned before that there were moments the story felt a little too long. Part of that is because of the various mini-series and one-shots (some of which I still haven't read). The ending was satisfactory but I am actually more interested in any repercussions that will result from this arc.

I am a fan of Humberto Ramos' art. His style has been great for all the craziness here. My only problem is sometimes his art gets a little...crazy. Sometimes characters' torsos feel a little off. But there is something about the way he draws panels packed full of heroes.

The Verdict

Spider-Island is over. That could be a good or a bad thing. The entire story had a big epic 'event' feel without forcing readers to check out a bunch of other titles or force readers of other titles to read this. Slot poured a lot of action into this arc and Ramos managed to keep pace by drawing all the chaotic scenes, even if there were some moments some of the characters felt a little off. Spider-Man has come a long way and it's been great seeing the other heroes get involved in a giant Spider-Man-focused story. The ending is nicely executed but opens the door for some exploration in some of the repercussions of this story. It's hard to imagine how Slott will top this huge storyline. He's set the bar pretty high for himself. My biggest fanboy wish is we'll get to see at least a little more of what we had on the cover.