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The Amazing Spider-Man #671 - Spider-Island, Part Five: A New Hope


Spider-Island continues with some big revelations. Mary Jane has spider-powers and we see other getting some enhancements as well. Answers to questions are answered and you won't want to miss this.

Spider-Island continues! The insanity continues and now Mary Jane has spider-powers! That's not all the craziness as some big revelations are unleashed.

The Good

How long have we waited for Mary Jane to get spider-powers? That finally happens but with other affects, who knows how long it will last. It's great to see a comic book event surrounding Spider-Man. It's about time the other heroes get to play in Spider-Man's corner even if he's partially to blame for all the havoc in New York City.

You can feel the story is moving towards the conclusion and the action heats up. The people of New York are all being transformed and the heroes are on the verge of coming up with a cure. With a couple more chapters and tie-ins, you know it's not going to end too easily.

If all that wasn't enough, there have been a couple of big secrets running through Spider-Man and there is indeed some payout as we finally get some answers. They may or may not be the answers you've been looking for but are guaranteed to change things. And if you especially are a fan of changes, you're going to want to see what happens to a couple characters here. Dan Slott is making some bold moves in changing/tweeking certain characters.

Humberto Ramos art manages to capture the intense action throughout the issue. You almost need to catch your breath after looking at it all. Some parts didn't quite work for me but it's just so fun to look at.

The Bad

I'm enjoying Spider-Island but I feel I'm getting a little overload. This began in August and the epilogue is in November but with the twice a month shipping of AMS and all the various mini-series and one-shots, it's starting to drag on.

While I do enjoy Humbert Ramos' art, sometimes it's too much. Seeing him draw Spider-Man in action shots works wonderfully. Some of the scenes with Mary Jane or others felt a little off.

The Verdict

This is a Spider-Man event like no other. The action is heating up as all of New York City is falling under the Jackal and the Queen's plan. Seeing other Marvel heroes play a role in a Spider-Man story has been fun yet with all the chapters, mini-series and one-shots so far, it feels like it's starting to drag on a little. Thankfully there are some big revelations here. If you've been waiting for some answers to a couple big questions, you will get them here. Also, there some big changes happening for a couple characters. Dan Slott's epic story with Humberto Ramos' frantic art will leave you gasping for air as you try to take it all in. With everything that happens here, it's hard to imagine what will happen next. Get ready to hold onto your hats.