Comic Vine Review


Alpha Girl #1


17-year old Judith struggles to survive and fight off a female zombie invasion!

The Good

I already know what you're thinking: another zombie story. I am so burnt out on zombie stories. The last three years in comics have been nothing but zombie stories, right? Yeah, that's right. They have. Zombies have pretty much completely over-saturated the market to the point where I don't even want to think about them anymore. So why is ALPHA GIRL getting four stars? Because it's hilarious. It's a zany, twisted, silly, little bit graphic and all around great take on zombies. It's taking an idea we've seen countless times, and creating a really original story. Not to mention, Judith is a pretty likable character.

The 17-year old girl at the center of ALPHA GIRL became an orphan at a tender age. She's seen some terrible things in the few years of her life and has endured some pretty traumatic events, including witnessing first hand her mother's death. However, that won't stop her. The story opens with a zombie infestation, where normal women have become zombies and are attacking the men around them. Judith, however, seems somehow immune to these attacks -- at least so far. Who are these women, and how did they get this way? The writer moves effortlessly into the background of the character, first. Who is the narrator? Where did she come from and what caused her to develop such a harsh exterior, not to mention a bit of a potty mouth?

The pacing in this issue is great, and it is a very well written first issue. The reader is introduced to the character and her backstory as well as the overarching problem she will encounter. The transitions between past and present are smooth and effortless. The character is witty and smart, and the premise is silly and a lot of fun.

The Bad

While the overall pacing of the first issue was pretty solid, there were some moments in the beginning (particularly the scenes with the zombies) that I felt dragged on a little bit. I think that it may have been better if the writer alluded to the conflict in a more subtle way.

The Verdict

This is a really fun book with some very pretty art. While it's not a series I would recommend for kids due to the language and the insinuation of some drug use, it's still a solid, entertaining book. Judith''s snarky, witty characterization makes her an interesting character to follow as she narrates her journey so far. The final pages of this issue will definitely leave you wanting more. A seriously fun, creator owned book. Looking forward to the next issue.