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Alpha Flight #5 - The Last Refuge


In an issue that contains a number of weird things, Alpha Flight robs a bank, fights Taskmaster and looks to raise an army! Strange tales which hopefully lead somewhere.

The Good

I think the highlight of this book is the bromance between Puck and Taskmaster. For all intents and purposes, I don't think that they've ever been on the same page together, but the pairing just makes sense. It was definitely the highlight of the book.

This book is starting to get to the crux of its miniseries, and Pak and Van Lente are getting comfortable in their roles as Alpha Flight's storytellers. Characters seem to have more personality and aren't as cardboard as they were at the start of the series. I'm extremely happy that the team is staying on as the mini series turns into an ongoing because they'll be able to flex their muscles more as time goes on.

The Bad

So let's get this straight: Alpha Flight can walk into a bank, rob it, assault some guards, get out into the sewers and into the wilderness without being caught? I know the new Canadian military isn't up to snuff, but that's pathetic!

It just seems with today's technology, they wouldn't be able to perform such an easy heist in the middle of Canada's largest city and be able to disappear.

The Verdict

While I'm happy that this series seems to be hitting its stride, there are still some glaring logical mis-steps that I feel bring the book down. I mean, the army Alpha Flight is trying to raise is just impossible by any means, and the premise of the story just seems hokey.

I'm glad they've added Taskmaster into the mix and it's squeezed some kind of personality out of the team, but I'll have to reserve total judgement for when it all ties together.


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I reserve your reservation of judgement, Lente and Pak seem to be a hit and miss with this series, I mean they have a good idea of how something could be a great story, the playing out of it seems to have the consistancy of corn starch and water. I mean if the canadian military was really that bad im sure over throwing the government should have been a breeze since they got there second wind. 
 much of this seemed forced but at the same time this all feels like they are trying to set things up for the possible ongoing series after the events of Fear itself.