Comic Vine Review


All-Star Western #9 - Vengeance in the Big Easy; The King of Carnival


The latest issue of All-Star marks the return of a character we haven't seen since the launch of the end of the JONAH HEX series.

The Good

Even though this issue is a tie-in to the 'Night of the Owls' cross over, by the time you reach the final page you'll find that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have brought us one step closer to their former JONAH HEX series; and it's great. The introduction of a character we've seen before, but haven't yet seen since the start of ALL-STAR is really great. It was certainly the highlight of the issue for me. The issue opens with Cinnamon and Nighthawk who pop in just in time to save Jonah Hex and Arkham. It's great to see these two characters get some panel time and to see them work together as a team. They have some really fun, lighthearted banter and it was the perfect balance to bring to a book that has (as of late) been mainly about Jonah Hex. Great to see other old-Gotham characters get a bit of spotlight.

If you have read all the tie-ins to 'Night of the Owls,' you may recognize the talon that appears in this issue. It's interesting to incorporate her character because it brings about a sense of continuity between the All-Star book and the rest of the Batman titles. Although you likely won't need all the tie-in books to grasp what's happening in this story arc, you do get some fresh information and an interesting perspective into the court through this issue. What is the relationship between the Wayne family and the Court? It may have been closer than we originally imagined. It's pretty interesting.

Moritat knocks it out of the park again -- his gritty style is complimentary to Gray and Palmiotti's story: they are a perfect combination.

The Bad

Although it's the first appearance of the Talon, it was very brief. I thought it would have been good to see more of her, but this is just the beginning. It will be interesting to see how much the creative team integrates her character into their story.

The Verdict

Overall a solid issue from the creative team. The introduction of a well known character that has been missing since the end of the JONAH HEX series was the icing on the cake for me; I thought it was fantastic to see them bring this indicidual back and I look forward to seeing how she adds to the dynamic of the story Grap and Palmiotti and trying to tell. Really pretty art; Moritat does a great job. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the Talon has in store for Hex and if there is a relationship between her and another Talon we've seen in a different story.